Plus Size Fashion Tips : Style Book for Plus Size Beauties!

For ages now, fashion brands only had skinny models gracing their runways. However, with the growing popularity of plus-size models like Ashley Graham and Jennie Runk, the world is slowly but steadily seeing beauty on the other side of the spectrum too, i.e., the curves!

Plus Size Fashion Tips : Style Book for Plus Size Beauties!


Indians are too coming an advancement in embracing different shapes and sizes, with Huma Qureshi, Parineeti Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha and Zareen Khan being an outright testimony to this growth!

Plus Size Fashion Tips : Style Book for Plus Size Beauties! : Parineeti Chopra

With more and more prominent women in the world trailing against the conventional boundaries of size and weight, it was imperative for the fashion industry to finally think out of the box and give the plus size beauties the due they deserve!

So if you are bogged down by the society’s notion of how only skinny equates to glam, it’s finally time for you to crawl out of your shell and prove them wrong! All you gotta do is keep the following things in mind and you are guaranteed to mark your niche in the fashion territory!

These points have been curated so that your outfits flatter your curves the best! Read on for Plus Size Fashion Tips for Ethnic Wear Ensembles!

(Kindly note that all the images may not necessarily feature plus size ladies. Some of the images are used to demonstrate the tips for your convenience.)

Right Fit

plus size fashion tips - vidya balan

Huma Qureshi : Plus Size Fashion Tips

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

We really cannot emphasize enough on the importance of well-fitted clothes, not too lose, not too tight. It is a myth that lose clothings will conceal your flab, but know that such ill-fitted outfits will only make your body shape unflattering.

Opting for churidaars is a good idea as they tend to make your legs look slimmer and longer.

We have more tips on looking thin on our blog, How to Look slim in Ethnic Wear!

Shape is Important too!

Plus Size Fashion Tips : Georgette and net anarkali suit

Image Courtesy: CBazaar

Plus Size Fashion Tips : Style Book for Plus Size Beauties!

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Straight cuts and A-line suits are best for ladies who are conscious of their abdominal fat as they can draw attention away from your tummy! Wearing Empire Waistlines help too if you want to create an illusion of divided midriff.

If you are planning to on some Lehenga Choli, make sure that the bottom of your Lehenga is well flared since it helps in camouflaging your flab.


Relax with those Pleats!

plus size fashion tips, sarees, farah khan, namitha kapoor

While draping a saree, you must focus more on the width of the pleats rather than the number. In fact, the lesser the number of pleats, the leaner you look.

Also, avoid wearing transparent sarees if you are not confident about your tummy.


Get the Neckline Right!

v neck line suits - Plus Size Fashion Tips for Ethnic Wear

Image Courtesy: 3.BP

Choose necklines that are V-shaped, U-shaped or Scooped Necklines as these will flatter your upper body the best!


Accessorize to Look at Your Best!

Plus Size Fashion Tips for Ethnic Wear Ensembles

Try wearing chunky jewelries as they would be in proportionate with your body. If you are going to try accessories with motifs, make sure they are bright in color. Avoid wearing Choker Necklaces as they will accentuate your double-chin.


With all being said and done, if there is anything defying the rules that makes you look and feel your confident best, then more power to you gal!

Check out Violet Street’s #MadeToMeasure tool for having an outfit tailored exclusively for your unique shape and curves!

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