How to Wear Flats : Because Heels are so Old School!

When the Cannes Film festival banned the wearing of flats by celebrities on the red carpet in 2015, there was a unanimous uproar amongst us girl-next-doors. Flats assure smooth sailing whether you are looking for some practical sass or luxe glamour. Heels are no longer the modern girl’s best friend as we tend to seek out dependable trends which are worthy of a strut on the red carpet rather than painful methods of upping our style quotient. From ballet shoes to loafers, from casual sneakers to chic boots, the options at your disposal are limitless. Comfortable is in and it’s time that you came onboard. We have taken the responsibility of helping you pair each outfit you own with flats so that you can breeze through the day like a diva reincarnated! Here are your answers on How to Wear Flats :

The Classic Combo: How to Wear Flats with Jeans : Jeans and Flats Go Hand in Hand!

How to wear flats

If you love skinny jeans, here’s one reason to love them more! Are wondering how you will wear flats with jeans? Know that loafers, sneakers and knee high boots are always there to aid you. Want to channel a fun vibe with a summery top or a casual tee? Ketos, flip flops and sneakers are great for an informal look. On the other hand, loafers and pumps are better suited for the brooding, mysterious ones amongst you.

Cocktail Dress with Flats : Be the Fashionista of the Cocktail Party

how to wear flatsPairing up a cocktail dress with flats can be quite tricky, but with a bit of inventiveness, even the humble flats can be elevated. While you can go the dressy flats route for the dresses, an unconventional choice would be to stick with dress shoes without any heels. Try to trust the sandals and pumps just this once. The rule of the thumb? A plain shoe goes well with a laced dress while a laced shoe gives your asymmetrical cocktail dress, a whole new dimension.

How to wear Flats to Work : Uphold the Work Ethic in Style!

how to wear flats how to wear flats

How to wear flats

how to wear flatsFormal wear and flat shoes are meant for each other! Even so if the question of how to wear flats to work leaves you stupefied, you might want to heed our advice and ditch the trousers in favour of bell bottoms and wide bottomed jeans and incorporate sneakers, sandals and loafers for a match made in heaven! Imagining formal dresses with flats was never so easy before!

Dressy Flats for Dresses : Ace the Girl’s Night Out

how to wear flatsTradition might have led you to believe that heels are synonymous with hotness. But let us take the initiative of breaking the myth once and for all. After we have done teaching you how to wear flat shoes on a night out, you would think of donating all your heels to charity. If you want to assume a rock chic style, look no further than leather boots while those who want to channel a feminine vibe might want to stick to ankle flats, hum boots, gladiators and even pumps!

Ring those Wedding Bells in Flats

how to wear flatsWhen you think wedding, you think the warmth of love and the exuberance of colour. If you are supposed to be a wedding guest this wedding season, you should try the flats route with the traditional Indian jootis. Stilettos have long lost their charm and you can master that desi look by knowing how to wear flat shoes to a wedding. With the ethereal combination of nagrai and kolhapuri sandals and shoes in harmony with the bright kurti and churidar, you might not even have to accessorise your resplendent ensemble!

Your dose of Winter Vogue : How to Wear Flats in Winter

How to wear flats

Though we are absolutely in love with the flats trend in footwear, it cannot be denied that it can leave you feeling a little cold in winter. So you should be aware of how to wear flats in winter. The answer: Pair it up with socks! Unlike popular belief, the girls who actually know how to wear flats with socks absolutely nail the sweet innocence of a school girl in a refined manner. Couple the flat shoes with a short dress and make sure the colour of the socks is in contrast with the hue of your outfit. Another way to go about it would be to wear shorts and let the bright graphic socks steal all the attention.

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