How to wear Bow Ties for Women : Rock Your Style Game with Bow Ties!

Nothing speaks confidence for a woman than cool and quirky bow ties! Those pieces are the classiest thing on earth if you just know how to style them well in coordination with the rest of your ensemble. The ways to style a bow tie are absolutely boundless! You can look polished yet fun while experimenting with some bad-ass bow ties this season or pull off an adorable geek’s persona; the choice is completely yours! Well, whatever your selection maybe, one cannot deny the recent rage this androgynous fashion accessory has caught up with urban ladies! Don’t like spending hours trying which accessory to pair with your outfit? Bow ties are to your rescue *yaay*! They add immense color and dimension to your attire, and the people around you will know that you are not someone who can be messed with! Read on to know more on how to wear bow ties for women:

How to Wear Bow Ties for Women

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

How to Wear Bow Ties for Women

But, buuut, just because something is in vogue does not mean that you do not have to in efforts to rock it! They may make you look naturally sophisticated and erudite, however like they say, looking naturally best at something which requires the most efforts!

But worry not for we have put down a list of the the tips you can incorporate while glinting a bow tie on you!

Play around with the Knots!

How to Wear Bow Ties for Women

There is no rule to wear bow tie a specific way! Depending upon your mood, you can wear it in floppy style, or radiate feminine or tomboy-ish vibes! But if you are traditional, then know that the classic bow tie knot is forever here to stay.

Let your Top do the Talking!

How to Wear Bow Ties for Women

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How to Wear Bow Ties for Women_1

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How to Wear Bow Ties for Women_

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Right from formal shirts to awesome suspenders and everything in between, bow ties can be worn with just about any top from your wardrobe. So you do not really have to worry about shelling out extra cash to look classy. Wanna look super sassy? Simply don a blazer on top of the bow tie you are wearing and voila! There you go!

Exude Elegance with Bow Ties!

Womens-Bow-Tie-Street-Style-Inspiration-How to Wear Bow Ties for Women

Image Courtesy: Pinterest and LookBook

Who said you can only wear shirts with bow ties? There is nothing more adorable and lady-like than a woman in a dress/frock rocking a bow tie!

Accessorize it right!



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To further enhance your fashion factor, you can always wear a cool hat or shades to come off as chilled out and chic! You can complete the look with a nude color lipstick and super-comfy flip-flops to roll out in style!

So if you have made up your mind to finally give this trend a hand, then you must rush to Violet Street ASAP! Our highly curated designer bow ties are extremely fast-selling!

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