How to Dress for your Body Type – Tips for Ethnic Wear

Curves are god’s greatest creation on the female body. These are what makes a woman sexy! But at the same time, these questions tingle every woman- “Does this dress suit my body type?” or “What dress should i wear for my body type?”. You must have spent a hell lot of time in front of the mirror answering this question and asking the same to your friends.

You are crazy about the latest trends but at the same time you know it should suit your body type so that it fits you flatteringly well. The problem actually assumes a bigger parameter when it comes to ethnic wear. Then this question adds up- “Does this make me look older?”

To help you with these questions, here is the dressing guide for your body type to answer the question : How to Dress for your Body Type. Give a look to these helpful fashion tips for body types for Ethnic Wear!

1) Pear shaped body type

Yes, you got it right! This is the most popular shape found in India. It is the ideal shape with broader lower body coupled with a well-defined waistline. Make yourself look fabulous by drawing attention to your slender waist and upper torso. Be careful not to expose your curves too much. Balance them with blouse or kurtas which are spacious. And yes, have low cuts to create an illusion of elongated midriff. Girls just go on with colours and yes, the darker ones suit you, isn’t it?The dressing style for you is to daringly expose your navel making your waist clear with a low waist lehenga or sari.

How to dress for your body type - Pear Shaped - Designer Lehenga


2) Apple body shape

It is characterised by wider back, ribs and shoulders. In short, most of your weight accumulates above your waist. An A- line kurta which will make your waist smaller is perfect, isn’t it? Yeah, girls you have slender legs. Just go on with churidars to highlight your best asset! Light embroidery, soft fabrics, light and warm colours will play their role in making you look gorgeous. We also have tips on looking slimmer on our blog – How to Look Slim in Ethnic Wear, Check it out now!

How to dress for your body type - Apple Shaped - A Line Kurta

3) Hourglass body shape

This body type is the most coveted body shape. You have your upper and lower body perfectly in sync, separated by a tiny waist. You have the dream figure, you go on well and it won’t take you much time! Just focus on showing the right proportion of your curves. A mermaid style lehenga or a crop top with lehenga would be amazing, isn’t it? If you are not afraid to experiment, then you can try wearing a belt over your saree and highlight those curves!

How to dress for your body type - Hour Glass Shaped - Wide V Necks

Drape Saree [Left] Tarun Tahiliani [Right] Nikhil Thampi

4) Rectangle body shape

How to dress for your body type - Rectangle Shaped - Anushree Reddy Lehenga

Floral Lehenga by Anushree Reddy

Devoid of curves? Don’t worry, you too can look awesome by taking care of some easy fashion tips. Go voluminous with flowery lehengas and feel no less than a princess. Give your upper torso an elongated look by choosing a choli which falls below the collarbone, isn’t it great? Block colours and create an illusion of curves with accessories and the princess look is not far!


How to dress for your body type - Inverted Triangle Shaped - Cape Lehenga

Cape Style Lehenga

5) Inverted Triangle shape
It’s the most athletic-looking type among the 5 body shapes and can be seen on many models. This body type has shoulders are noticeably wider than the hip-line. Waist line is pretty narrow. Girls with these body types should add more volume and width around their hip-line and thighs.  A-Line suits or dresses would be perfect for these. You can even opt for cape dresses to give you a chic look.

We hope these style tips help you in blending your own unique style with what suits you! And do not forget to love your body!

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