Happy BirthDay Alia : This is why we love you!

We love her! We adore her! She is the youngest and hottest female, currently residing in our country. And to think of it that, she has already achieved so much at the age of 23! Well done Alia! Here’s wishing you a very very happy birthday!

And here’s why we love you so so much!

  • You are such a genuine sweetheart! You starred in your own spoof : Genius of the year was based on you! Noone else can actually be such a sport! Hope the other actresses learn from you!
  • You have amazing chemistry with every actor! : From Varun to Sid and now even Fawad! You looked super hot with Randeep Hooda too! You are a hot hot female!
  • You are a lovely singer too! : Remember ‘Main Tenu samjhawan ki’ Her version was so good to hear.
  • You make movies for the masses and the classes! On one hand you have a SOTY and on the other you starred in Highway! U are a gem!
  • You dress your age! You style statement, your grace and your attitude! You are priceless!
    al11We love you! You deserve all the awards in the world! Happy Birthday once again!

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