4 Best Wardrobe Designs for Your Bedrooms

A well-designed and modern wardrobe not only enhances the look of your bedrooms, but it also is an absolute necessity, considering it has to carry all your essentials within itself. Choosing the wardrobe designs can get a little tricky, but this blog can lessen your trouble regarding that. Here’s a list of stunning wardrobe designs for your bedrooms, that you’ll surely fall in love with head over heels! Considering a renovation of your interiors, or purchasing a new house? This article is for you. Designer wardrobes are the new thing in the market, and most people want to customise their wardrobes according to the theme or design of their bedrooms. Read on to know more.

1. Walk in Wardrobes Designs

How would you describe a walk in wardrobe? Well, in the simplest way, you can say, instead of just placing your hands in the wardrobe to look for something you want, you can actually walk in, out and around the wardrobe! These wardrobes have the ability to fit into rooms of any shapes or sizes, and adds a very classy touch to your bedrooms. The plus point about these wardrobes is that you have space almost everywhere you look at! The wardrobes can also be sectioned out into square or rectangular boxes, and they also come with sliding doors if you want the same. You’ll get a variety of walk in wardrobe designs in the market, and if you’re looking for some really good space to fit in all your essentials in an elegant way, this is what you absolutely need in your master bedrooms.

In this walk in wardrobe, there are no doors; just drawers at the base. See how classy it looks, yet manages to fit in your necessities? Perfect for a not so huge bedroom!

Best Wardrobe Designs for Your Bedrooms

In the design below, the walk in wardrobe has sliding doors. You can swing in your blazers and attires in the hangers, yet fold and keep the others below in the compartments. It is almost like a mini world out there with all your wardrobe essentials, isn’t it?

Best Wardrobe Design for Your Bedrooms 2

2. Four Door Wardrobes

You can design your four doored wardrobe in any way you want. As the name suggests, the wardrobes will have typically four doors attached to them. There are a number of modern designs available that will make your wardrobes look high-class and will at the same time fit in your basic needs. The outer texture can be of any design or theme according to your choice. Check out some 4 door wardrobe designs for bedroom.

This 4 door wardrobe has a very antique look and is perfect for the bedroom that has an ethnic or traditional feel. Has the power to take you back to the 80s, isn’t it? Also, the mirror attached will give you a chance to glance at yourself, once you’re all dolled up!Best Wardrobe Design for Your Bedrooms 3

3. Wooden Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

What better than wood for the furniture? And yes it gets better when the texture is also wooden. Many people prefer the wooden feel in their bedrooms, and thus we have a plentiful wooden wardrobe designs for you here. Not to forget, the wooden wardrobes are one of the most popular designs amidst the top notch customers too, and can also get a little pricey at times!

This wardrobe is made entirely of wood, and is also polished in a way that it gives you that wooden-house-feeling. With drawers at the bottom, this closet offers you a lot of space to fit in all your essentials!



This humongous wardrobe promises to fit in a bulk of clothing and accessories inside it. the wooden texture adds a very old-school yet elegant touch to it. It is perfect for your master bedroom, and will give it that magnificent feeling!

Best Wardrobe Design for Your Bedrooms 6

Look at the design below. Isn’t it one of the best designer wardrobes that you have seen? What has it not got? 4 door wardrobes, drawers and a mirror, it is nothing but a complete package! The wooden feel only adds a brownie point to it!

Best Wardrobe Design for Your Bedrooms 7

This is yet another wooden cupboard that can turn your bedroom into a beauty! The 4 door cupboard has drawers on the inside, shelves and compartments, and the door design also boasts of perfection! not something to be missed for sure!

Best Wardrobe Design for Your Bedrooms 8

4. Inbuilt Wardrobes

This essentially means, you design the room, it is done, and then comes your wardrobes. You will visualise the idea of the wardrobes, and your designer will make the cupboard according to the size and shape of your room, inside the room. Commonly, you cannot transport such wardrobes outside the room that it is originally meant for!

Here’s an inbuilt wardrobe design for you. Offers a lot of space, and speaks of style at the same time.

Best Wardrobe Design for Your Bedrooms 9

Here’s another built in wardrobe design that comes without a door. Perfect to fit in all your outfits, and shoes at one of your room’s corners!

Best Wardrobe Design for Your Bedrooms 10

We hope we gave you enough ideas on wardrobe designs for your bedrooms!

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