7 Accessory Trends to take you from ‘okay’ to ‘chic’ in a second! [Infographic]

Now, who doesn’t wanna indulge in some heavy duty shopping? At least I don’t know anyone who doesn’t! The cure to any type of depression is shopping! Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness, didn’t know where to shop 😉 True that, but buying just anything won’t help you look good and keep up with the trends, right? So we are here to help you in your indulgence in shopping. We have a list of accessory trends, ready for the fashion-friendly you!
Infographic Accessories for Women 

  • The “IT” bag: Agree, that they are outrageously expensive! But don’t you just wanna own them, love them and never leave them! A Hermès, Chanel or Louis Vuitton! Even a stunning Michael Kors would take your outfit to a completely new level! The winner of “IT” Bag 2015 is the Fendi Peekaboo bag. It looks just gorgeous! It’s priced at just 1500$!!! 😉
  • Statement earrings:  We told you earlier and we are telling you again! The entire burden of accessorizing well, is taken care of, by just this pair of exquisite beauties. If you’d have watched the song ‘Dheere Dheere se’ and noticed Sonam Kapoor, you would already know this. The smaller ones look great with formals and the elaborate ones look amazing with ethnics and casual wear! Go for one in contrasting color with denim separates and you are sure to rock the outfit!
  • The circle bag : The brighter it is, the better. Circle bags look more like small frisbees in 3D, but just better. They are quirky and fun! Carry them when you hang out with your friends at a weekend brunch or a night-out!
  • Flats : The most comfortable trend of all times! They are comfy and come in so many varieties! You can choose from loafers, sandals, ballet flats to lace-ups! Ditch the pair of high heeled stilettos and start filling your shoe closet with these! You can never have enough shoes, can you? Take a look at some cool flats online and designer shoes for women.
  • Platforms : Platforms or flatforms are better looking version of the flats, with heels! Yay! Now you can keep dancing all through the night in these, without even thinking of getting the shoes off! Platforms have a thicker heel on the front, hence making it very easy for us to walk and balance and dance!
  • Gladiators :  The best thing about gladiators is, any short outfit, looks amazing with them! There is not much thought involved around pairing them with the correct outfit. It’s better to stick to browns and blacks for everyday casual wear. Even knee length trench coat dresses look sexy with gladiators!
  • The OBI Belt : Originally, meant to be worn with the Japanese dress, OBI belts look great with kimonos, kaftans and deep V necked dresses. OBI belts are wide self tie wrap-around waistband, which give the waist a defining shape! Go from cute to chic by adding the OBI belt to your outfit!

Trends come and go, but your sense of style is unique. Be comfortable in your own skin and you’re sure to rock the world! Happy shopping! Look good, be good! 😀

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