Serena Williams Talks about How The Pregnancy News Spilled

serena williams

Serena Williams, the legend tennis player from Cape Town, had admitted her pregnancy when she had a word with Gayle King during the TED Talk. One of her pictures on the snapchat with a caption “20 weeks” revealed her pregnancy.

The question was how the news got spilled? She said that when she was on vacation, spending time with herself, she used to take selfies and check her prevailing condition every week.

Only few close people knew about her pregnancy. But  accidentally she pressed the wrong button while saving a photo and before she even realized the pic got viral in the social media. Her cellphone was buzzing continuously with calls and messages from her known ones. The picture featured her flaunting gorgeous baby bump.



She left her cell phone for a while, and when she came back she had four missed calls. Then she takes up the call to get the surprise shock.

In Melbourne, when William won her 23rd grand slam single title while setting evidence for the generation. She was afraid and could not figure out what should be done. As of now she is eight weeks pregnant.

‘No one had any clue about my pregnancy, but I had to deliver like in every tournament i did. It was really important to concentrate and win the match because I would not have conquered the match, than the news of defeat could be the bigger one.’

She also said this after delivery she will resume in the field. Her sister, Venus is the great aspiration to her, who is 37 years old and a great player of tennis. Serena said if Venus can proceed and is still play, then I can also play. The baby is a new part of the frame. And hopefully she will be a supportive hand to her mother, the 35-year-old lady said.

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