Photographer Punched by Chris Brown this Monday morning

Chris Brown

“Here it comes breaking news about Chris Brown. Seems like he has taken himself again in the spotlight.”

The most talented singer of the Hollywood has punched a photographer at the nightclub Aja on Monday morning. Rumour is spread as the photographer will take a legal action against Chris Brown. He has suffered pauperized lips on Monday morning. Obviously, the day would have been bad for both the characters in the scene. Per reports Mr. Brown after his party event came into the club with his crew and on the same time, Mr. Vines who is the photographer was clicking some photos of Chris Brown. It is believed that Brown didn’t like this behavior and went out of his senses. Consequently, he punched the photographer and escaped from the moment when the officials arrived, but still, the investigation is going on.

Chris Brown

A team of club Aja also apologized for the incident that happened there. This was an enormous disappointment as club witnessed the failure of the guest hospitality. This incident has not only caused loss to the club but also to the relationship with Mr. Brown. Simultaneously photographer was also assaulted severely. What do you think what would be the reason behind this bad behavior? May be Brown was already in a bad mood and burst out at the photographer for the same or may be the photographer would be clicking the photos after the refusal of Brown as many times celebrity don’t like to be in front of flashlights.   Now it has affected the reputation of Brown and the club. A continuous investigation is going on this topic. Up to our knowledge, this is not the first time when he has done something like this.

Closing tip:

Now, whatever it would be the reason we can only wait for the declaration of the reports after the investigation. Till that you can also share your opinions and reach us through different social media networking sites. Whether it was a planning of Brown to turn the lights towards him or it was all done on the spot. Stay tuned.

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