La La Anthony Has Her Circle of Girls To Shoulder on After Split

La La Anthony

La La Anthony is very lucky to have such a circle of friends who are ever ready to wipe her tears. Figure out how she is dealing with her split with Carmelo Anthony.

We are aware of this fact that La La Anthony has broken her way with Carmelo Anthony after seven years of elegant marriage. Her life has come to the spotlight after this intense action. What would be the reason for this separation? The couple used to be so delightful in the flashlight and all of a sudden everything has come to an end. Well, this is an obvious fact that relationships are very elegant and sensitive. We need to adjust more or sacrifice for our relation betterment. All we need to know is that in this tough time La La Anthony has a circle of such lovely friends that give us a symbol of love and friendship. Friends are integral part of one’s life. They are so adorable and admirable that we can cross our all hurdles in matter of munuted. It is said that if we walk with our best friend, we can walk for miles.

La la Anthony


La La Anthony resembles this beautiful relation with her friends. These friends have always been with La La Anthony in her social and personal space of her life. Following are  La La Anthony’s cloest of friends:

  • Kim Kardashian: She is said to be one of the confidants of La La Anthony. She is very kind and never leaves a chance to provide  better advice to her.
  • Ciara: She has trusted Anthony for her auspicious occasiosn of her life. Anthony has been with her with her while her baby was born.
  • Kelly Rowland: She is considered to be Anthony’s teenage friend and has tried her level best to keep the relationship strong and healthy in personal and social feeds.
  • Serena Williams: She has shared her all physical games with Anthony and both were seen together at the New York Fashion Week 2016.
  • Gabrielle Union: She is always busy with her physical appearance at her husband’s games, but with Anthony, it becomes more comfortable and cherishable.
  • Taraji P. Henson: She is one of the biggest inspirations for Anthony and has developed an adorable relationship with her.

Closing up:

Friends are the precious gift we can ever have in our life and it all depends on us how we treat them. We all have a sad and good part of our life, but the thing is that we should be capable enough of dealing with it. If we fail to do so, then our friends are always there for us. We can never get a replacement for our friends. They are very reliable and comfortable. Make as many friends as you want.


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