Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Launch KKW shades


The new KKW lipstick collection has surprised the cosmetics industry and tempted the girls for the new glossary nude shades.

The facial twins of Hollywood Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have evolved a new stock of lipstick which will tempt you to look for the busty lips. Lips are the beauty of a girl and when it is decorated with the KKW new shades, it becomes the apple of an eye. So did you check out for the new collection for the stunning lipsticks? If no, then have a look today itself on the KKW shades available in the store. For advice which shade may look good on you, you can read more about Kylie Jenner. Though Kim and Kylie have different lifestyle, different body but still known as soul sisters and they can rock the world together with their magical lipstick shades. It is believed that they are the inspiration for each other and they feel so blessed to have each other in their life.




Both the divas have always been compared when it comes to fashion as these are so clear about the fashion sense and they almost wear similarly patterned dresses. Kylie Jenner, 19, is so inspired by the Kim Kardashian in the dressing sense. You can even watch the videos of both makeup queens for suggesting the shade preference. If lipstick is your favorite part out of makeup, then you can search for the news revealing on the latest lipstick shades. These sisters are a perfect example of fashionista in the real world. They don’t have a competitor.

The final tip:

If you still didn’t check for the trending KKW lipstick shades then go soon and turn on your bang mode. They are said to be the fashion dictionary. These four crème liquid lipsticks will leave you amazed, and you can maintain your standard by using these branded nudes.


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