Kendall Jenner On the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar 150th anniversary

kendall Jenner

Yes, it is evident and genuine. Kendall Jenner has done a fantastic job on the Cover of 150th anniversary of Harper’s Bazaar”

Recently on the 150th anniversary of Harper’s Bazaar, the cover was shined by the astonishing shoulder length locks and red glossary lips of Kendall Jenner. Coming May is set to rock with the gorgeous diva of Hollywood. The 21-year-old lady who looks like a replica of Elizabeth Taylor is going to set fire on the cover page of Harper’s Bazaar. It is an ultimate scenario which will witness the magazine’s past and present. Most likely it is believed that Jenner has given a mind-blowing job to the cover –page before her debut in 2015. During that time Taylor was collecting her all cover pages regarding Harper Bazaar. Jenner has gracefully given her 100% to grace the glamour of the magazine. Once, you look at this magazine it will seek your attention with adorable charms. This lady icon sets a goal for your lifestyle and considers you to be the most amazing person.




As per slope of Jenner’s lifestyle, her achievements are very commendable. At the age of 21, she has proved herself on the stage of catwalks and magazine covers all over the world. As far as her life is considered we have witnessed her  struggles to reach this level, where she has become an idol for the 150th anniversary of Harper’s Bazaar. This is an excellent start for her career. Nobody is unaware of this fact that she has been subjected to many back biting a the beginninmg of her career. She has heard many things like “she isn’t that cool.” But now we can support her thought. She is very much concerned about her dad as she was raised by her father alone with all the comfort she could ever get in her life. She has proved her father that she is no less than any other model in the fashion industry.

Closing thought:

Being so young she has faced her all scenarios in  life and gone through many phases, especially with her mum. She has maintained a strong and a healthy relationship with her father and made him proud of herself. The people in coming days will witness all her efforts in May and congrats her on her impressive achievements. It is a very special moment for Harper Bazaar.

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