The Super Model Mother – Daughter Duo at Harper’s Bazaar


The wonderful pair of Mother – Daughter, Christie Brinkley and Sailor Brinkley Cook set fire on the 150th anniversary of Harper’s Bazaar celebration.

The famous astounding supermodel Christie Brinkley greeted the Harper Bazaar for its 150th anniversary with her outstanding baby love Sailor Brinkley Cook. The duo came into the flashlight after they were done with their shoot for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue with her another love Christie. The red carpet shined with this fabulous pair and was graced to have such pure bonding of mother and daughter who know the genuine meaning of sharing love. They are very much confident about their professional and personal life. The mother has raised her daughter in a stunning way which is highly inspirational. It feels so good when your parent is your idol.



Sailor Brinkley Cook, who is only 18 has proven herself to be the best in the modelling field and she has made her place in the super model’s name list. Now whenever a model is considered, she will be the first choice of course. The highlight is that the duo has inspired people about the health and fitness and advised to drink a lot of water. They say water will keep you hydrated, which will help in reducing the problems affecting your health. Your health is your priority. Christie shared her funny jokes and entertained the crowd with her adorable talks.

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Binding up:

The celebration of 150th anniversary of Harper Bazaar will be a remarkable event for everyone and the leading duo was an addition to the already glamour filled event.  Don’t miss the video of the video of this wondreful event. Just download the video of the celebration from the comfort of your home and enjoy the pleasure of Harper’s Bazaar, 150th anniversary which was completely bounded by super models.

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