Deepika Padukone Gets Trolled for Coco Cola Ad

Deepika Padukone

Well, it is Deepika Padukone’s time to be a part of coco cola ad that has gone bad. A couple of days ago Deepika Padukone having fun with a housekeeping staff while drinking coco cola. The actress was seen in the new advertisement of this brand where she got stuck with a houseboy in an elevator. The ad basically shows how these two who belong to different worlds bond over a soft drink.


While the actress was having fun, the fan didn’t quite agree with her, and they started trolling her on the social media platform for promoting such an unhealthy drink, which some people are trying hard to ban. On the other hand, there are some die-hard fans of Deepika who stood by her.


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However, it looks like she is paying no attention to such comments and concentrating on her current project. In fact, it looks like people have forgotten to see that the advertisement showed how an actress had a gala time with a housekeeping boy over a soft drink. At the end when she had a self-discovery,probably was the most adorable thing in the whole advertisement. Of course, people were so busy trolling her they didn’t notice this sweet thing. In fact, the brand has been in India for quite some years now, and many celebrities have also endorsed it. It is completely baffling as for why this sudden hype regarding this issue. We have seen Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan promoting the rival brands. However, people on social media felt that Deepika Padukone is responsible for the drink that has been belittled for its content.

Now we have to see whether the company will pull the advertisement because another controversial ad featuring Kendall Jenner had to be pulled down, reason being trolled on the social media platforms.

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