Bella Hadid Gives Coechella Music Festival a Miss to avoid running into Ex

Bella hadid

After breaking up with Bella Hadid, singer The Weeknd have been dating Selena Gomez and that has already created quite a buzz in the Hollywood as it is. Now the couple exhibits affection by cuddling up in the Coachella music and art festival while Bella has a completely different plan to avoid running into her ex. Even when her BFFs including Hailey Baldwin and Kendal Jenner are attending the event, the 22-year old model decided to ditch the world famous arts and music festival. So while Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are cuddling up and taking selfies, Bella absolutely don’t want to run into them.

However, this superhot model is not sitting at her home sulking rather the beauty has reached Dubai accompanying some of her girlfriends to have a blast. The brunette beauty is having the time of her life and seems to be crossing some major things out of her bucket list.

Bella Hadid posted a photo with her girlfriends flaunting her perfect figure in a blue bikini as they cruised on a boat and enjoyed the sun.

bella hadid

While her relaxed experience didn’t end here, Bella took her holiday experience to a whole new level when she decided to jump out of an airplane. She even posted a video from her skydiving experience in Dubai. While usually, people find this an intense experience, she had totally different emotions. According to Bella, she has never been calmer in her life. Moreover, she felt like flying with the angles.


And at last, Bell put herself behind the wheels and enjoyed luxury car drive in Abu Dhabi. The supermodel posted a picture where she had her hands on the wheels along with her famous pout and intense side-eye.

Bella hadid

In the meantime, The Weeknd and Selena are flaunting their love with some extreme PDA at the Coachella events. The couple was seen attending Travis Scott’s performance on Friday evening holding hands. Next day Selena shared a selfie with her Boyfriend on the Instagram. This post got 1.3 million likes in just an hour. At present, the post has collected 6.2 million likes.

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