5 Ideas for Aari Work Blouse Designs

We all are serious fashion watchers. What is new in the market, what is trending, what our favorite celebs are flaunting these days, we all love to know all about it and run into purchasing the pieces with somewhat the same detailing and works. Although sporting each western look is out of question, but when it comes to ethnic wear, we surely have an upper hand. The delicate detailing and designs leave us spellbound and are still easily accessible to us. One of the most famous amongst them is the aari work design. You must have worn it at some point, but do not know about it by name!

What is aari design?

Aari work is a work of pen-like needle, which works in the same way as crocheting but is very intricate and focused on detailing. With the help of the needle, beads, strings and stones are woven into fabric that gives a rising imprint of work on it; looks like chain patterns that be felt with touch. Aari embroidery design requires delicacy and finest artwork and it takes a good deal of time to create new aari work designs. In this era, the aari design pattern is very much in fashion, demanded all over the world and marked as a sign of choice as they take good time to design even a single piece of aari embroidery design.

What is popular in aari design?

The aari work design is popular in women for aari work blouse, aari work neck design, aari work wedding blouse designs, aari work border designs and specially aari embroidery (1900) which is the rarest and classic design. Be it a wedding or a sangeet or some other traditional event to attend, you will spot many women adorning aari work blouses or aari work neck designs.

The best part about aari design pattern is that you will now find many aari work design books and aari designs images on the internet and also with designers who create collections of latest aari work design. They house different patterns in the simple aari designs and also work on new techniques like zardozi aari embroidery design, aari machine embroidery designs, hand embroidery designs aari work and aari work peacock designs and work them meticulously into aari work border designs, aari work blouse designs, aari work designs kurti, aari blouse neck designs etc.

Aari work designs comes up in fashion circles every season and is refreshed with new patterns. Let’s have a look at the 5 ideas of aari work blouse designs that are catching up this season!

1. Aari work wedding blouse designs

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

The aari work wedding blouse designs are made with heavy designs made on the blouse, almost covering the whole of the fabric. It mostly has a single pattern of design, generally criss-cross or flowers, made in a netted pattern to add that glazing finish to it

2. Zardozi aari embroidery design

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

This is a traditional aari work that has been of great influence in the history. Aari embroidery (1900) used to be done with use of silver and gold, with studded pearls and stones, while currently the karigars make use of copper and gold or silver polish metals to create beautiful zardozi work. The zardozi blouses are famous in women for its rich look and texture of peacock designs.

3. Aari machine embroidery designs

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

With modern techniques and advancement, industries have made new machines which are work very well in making aari machine embroidery designs. The work is generally of colorful threads, creating patterns like peacock and flowers, using sequins and even buttons for added details that are perfect for aari blouse neck designs and aari blouse borders.

4. Aari work mango designs

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

One of the most popular designs in hand embroidery designs aari work is the aari work mango design. This one is popular for kurtis as well as aari blouse neck designs or sleeves designs. They are decorated with mirrors and stones to make them even more appealing. Try this one for that simple function at a wedding.

5. Aari work border designs

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Aari work border designs beautify the blouses by giving the borders a finish. The heavy borders work mostly on big occasions, while for a small event or function you can opt for a light aari work pattern for the blouse. The work is based upon the main work of the whole garment. The readymade strips of these aari work border designs are also available in market for those who don’t have time but still want to adore aari work blouse designs.

Aari work designs flows into the history of hand embroidery and are perfect for ethnic attires, these blouse designs shall catch eyes and make your look more appealing.

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