6 Unique and Innovative Ideas for Mandap Decoration

mandap decoration

If you abide by the diction “marriages are a one-time thing” then you must be one of those people going hysteric about every minute detail of your wedding day. And it is only wise, since you have decided to tie the final knot with full conviction. The setting and the layout of your wedding location must be stealing your night’s sleep for a long time now! A unique reception must have a unique wedding mandap decoration. If you are a creative person then you probably will not be satisfied with the usual run on the mill layout for the sacred ritual.

Taking into consideration the richness of your taste and the grandeur of your choice, we have come up with some one of kind themes for wedding mandaps. The beauty of all receptions lies primarily with the aesthetic appeal of the setting. Contrary to popular belief, an out of the box theme can be easily pulled off within a tight budget. Some innovative ways to glam up your reception designing may be somewhat like the following:

1. By The Beach

Mandap Decoration Ideas

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Imagine the most anticipated moments of your life in this ambience! If you are a sea person, this could be your paradise. Having the sea and it’s waves as witnesses to your auspicious occasion will be an experience too overwhelming to articulate in words. There will be no exhaustion with the mundane chant of the mantra, because the sea winds shall keep your energy and spirit invigorated. Make sure you ask your decorator to choose a colour contrasting the one of the sea and sky. That will capture the best snaps.

2. Wine Glass Themed Mandap

Mandap Decoration Ideas

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Since we are on the topic of aesthetic mandap designing, we simply cannot do away without this exceptional glass shaped theme, where the illusion is one of a stylish wine glass turned upside down. This is quiet groundbreaking in terms of traditional Indian wedding reception designs and is sure to turn heads of the passersby. The flowers embroidered around body are simply charming and looks ethereal with the twinkling lights all around. A fire extinguished amidst this halo of a design will be breathtaking to say the least.

3. Crystal Mandap Decoration

Mandap Decoration Ideas

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If you and your partner are willing to loosen the purse strings a bit, then there are more than one reason why you should consider crystal mandap decoration for your special day. The setting of a crystal mandap is simply something out of a fairytale and looks heavenly in the pictures as the one you can see! Crystal is considered sacred to inviolable bonds are commonly used in many auspicious events in Indian households. It may be a bit expensive but it is totally worth. That will manifest itself wonderfully through the gaped eyed stare of your guests and their subsequent appreciation of the decoration.

4. On the Roof with Hues of Yellow

Mandap Decoration Ideas

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If you don’t know already, white is the color of elegance along with piety. There is hardly a more suitable color than white for your wedding. The Christians have white weddings for a reason. If the hall you have booked has a roof overlooking the entire city then you ought to take full advantage of it. Get hitched with the entire city and the sunset as your witnesses and everything else might just fall back into place. Another advantage of having a white based theme for your mandap is that almost every color goes with white and hence you do not need to make a fuss about the flowers. The given picture has yellow daisies and tulips for mandap decoration and it imparts an overall feeling of warmth and beauty into the setting.

5. Amidst Nature and Tranquility

Mandap Decoration Ideas

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Not everyone like the pompousness and flamboyance of a grand wedding. Some take joys in the simplicity of natural and candid things. The picture above is a concrete representation of a simple yet magnificent wedding mandap idea! There could not be a better location than amidst the serenity of a garden. It is cost efficient, unique and marvelous. This idea will lay off the pressure from your relatives to constantly attend to and entertain the guests because practically no one needs extra attention in a garden. You can be rest assured your guests will never be bored in the entire course of your wedding.

6. Sacred Red in a Sacred Place

Mandap Decoration Ideas

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For traditional or religious couples this is the best suggestion. You are most likely to opt for mandaps which are close by the temple, or better, attached to it. Make good use of the season of flowers and brighten up the spirit of the event with their alluring appeal and tantalizing fragrance. Ask your decorator to match the clothing with the flowers to give the perfect touch. Add alternative types of green as depicted in the given picture. And if possible, make it an outdoor ritual to seal the final deal.

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