8 Tips to Get Soft Hair Naturally!

soft hair naturally

Daily stress and pollution can take a heavy toll on your hair. Just when you thought you reached a career milestone or tackled a relationship issue, your hair serve as a frustrating reminder that you’ve ignored it long enough. So, you can’t really party yet! Not with those brittle and dry tresses, ma’am. Home remedies for soft hair naturally are your best bet for long-term results. All you gotta do is be perseverant  in your routine and you’ll have your dream locks in a matter of few weeks. Here are 8 tips on how to make natural hair soft so you can flaunt them open while celebrating life as we know it!

1. Shea Butter

soft hair naturally, shea butter

Image Courtesy: Magnifazine

If you’ve wondered how to make hair soft naturally without shelling out crazy money on salons treatments, then ladies, we present to you the wondrous Shea butter! Shea Butter contains healthy fats and anti-inflammatory properties that lend your hair a healthy environment to grow in. Make sure you use it unrefined which has a yellow tint in it as the refined Shea butter is devoid of Vitamin A and other vital nutrients.


  • Whip 3 tbsp pf Shea butter in a bowl
  • Add 1 tbsp Olive Oil or Coconut Oil with 3-5 drops of Tea Tree Oil
  • Apply on hair uniformly and let it stay for 30 mins
  • Repeat once a week


2. Apple Cider Vinegar for Soft Hair

well being secrets

Image Courtesy: Well Being Secrets

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is extremely beneficial for hair. It’s affordable and easily available at any food store. Its acidic properties helps cleanse your scalp thoroughly, untangle frizz  and render a dazzle to your locks.


  • Mix ACV and water in a 1:1 ratio
  • Once you’re done shampooing, rinse your hair with the mixture and wait for about 10 mins. After this you could either wash it off and follow with a conditioner or just let it stay in your hair. A little heads up though, ACV has a pungent smell whilst it’s in the process of drying.
  • Repeat thrice a week


3. Hibiscus Leaves for soft hair naturally

soft hair naturally

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia

Hibiscus leaves are again an another simple and cheap way to restore shine and softness to your hair. They are popularly grown in almost every Indian household for its numerous benefits, from cough to irritated stomachs. So it is of no surprise that these leaves are extensively used in many shampoos to promote soft and shiny hair.


  • Crush 10-15 Hibiscus leaves
  • Mix them in curd and add one whole lemon juice
  • Let it stay for 45 mins
  • Wash and follow up with an ACV rinse
  • Repeat once a week


4. Natural Hair Oils


Image Courtesy: Revolutionptwl

Your mom is absolutely right when she forces you for a natural oil massage! Yes, it can make you look temporarily greasy but think of the gorgeous and naturally bouncy hair it would result in if you used it regularly! Natural oils are rich in anti-oxidants and healthy fats that are extensively moisturizing and helps in reducing hair fall.


  • Take any natural vegetable oil of your choice. Some of the most popular in India are Coconut, Olive, Sesame, Almond, Argon and Castor oils.
  • You could either mix 2 oils or use any standalone.
  • Heat it for about 30 secs
  • Massage it well and keep it either over-night or atleast half an hour before you go for a shower
  • Repeat before every time you go for a bath


5. Satin Pillow Cases

soft hair naturally, satin pillow

Image Courtesy: Satin Serenity

Cotton pillow cases can cause friction in result in dull and lifeless mane. To get rid of that, sleep on satin/silk pillow covers. This will restore the shine back to your hair over a period of time and you’ll be surprised to see how simple it is to get soft hair naturally!

6. Mayonnaise


Image Courtesy: Fearless Fresh

Mayonnaise has uses way beyond adorning your beloved french fries! Mayonnaise possesses heavy oils and eggs which aid in an in-depth moisturizing of your hair. The best part is that once you apply it, you don’t have to make a separate messy egg mask running down your hair!


  • Take 6-8 tbsp Mayonnaise and mix well with half lemon
  • Add a tbsp of ACV 
  • Apply on hair and let it penetrate deeply into your scalp for 30 mins
  • Repeat twice a week

You probably won’t need a conditioner after apply this mask as your hair would anyway be unbelievably soft and luscious!


7. Green Tea


Image Courtesy: Newtrendus

Can green tea just stop being so awesome? It is practically used for every single beauty remedy that is around! We’re sure you must have mugged up all the benefits of green tea by now. The polyphenols, caffeine and Vitamin C in it rejuvenates your scalp in a short span and gives you soft hair naturally!


  • Take a mug full of green tea
  • Add one lemon
  • Rinse your hair with it following shampoo
  • Let it be the final step
  • Repeat twice a week


8. Cold Water

naturally curly

Image Courtesy: Naturally Curly

This is probably the easiest tip on how to make your hair soft at home! All you gotta do is make your final rinse chilled cold. Yes, it sounds painful but the instant shiny hair you are gonna have post-shower makes it completely worth it!


Share with us your favorite tips for soft hair naturally at home so no woman has to suffer them dull and dry!

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