5 South Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

south indian bridal makeup

Weddings in south India are extremely auspicious and elegant. They celebrate the coming together of two families with the blessings of their elders. While north Indians prefer boisterous nuptial events, the ones in the south are poised. And who better to personify these traits than the bride herself? South Indian bridal makeup is an embodiment of simplicity and all about emphasizing your femininity. It’s fresh, light and natural so that the bride’s makeup does not melt under the soaring temperatures of southern India.

If you are one of those lovely brides that cannot zero-in on her south Indian bridal makeup, then simply grab a pleasant cup of coffee and continue reading for you are about to get sorted now!

Step 1: Prep Your Skin

Cleanse Your Skin Thoroughly

wise she

Image Courtesy: WiseShe

It goes without saying that to get the best of a portrait, the canvas must be clean. Deeply cleanse your face with your favorite cleanser so it is all set to carry the weight of all the following makeup!

Moisturize Your Skin

south indian bridal makeup, moisturize

Image Courtesy: Her Channel

Moisturizing your skin is an absolute must, regardless of your skin type. Applying a good moisturizer would ensure that your makeup won’t go cakey and your skin glows throughout the function.

Apply Lip Balm

south indian bridal makeup, lip balm

Image Courtesy: The Impact News

Because a lot of heavy duty lipsticks can be drying, apply several coats of lip balm so that your lips don’t look flaky during the photography sessions! Trust us, it’s not a pretty sight.

Use a Suitable Primer

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Image Courtesy: Beauty Glimpse

For your makeup to last till the end, apply an appropriate primer. This will ensure that the efficacy of your shades will remain throughout your wedding. Two types of primers are extremely popular: gel and liquid. Acne-prone ladies should stick to gel primers as it won’t block their pores.

Step 2: Even Out The Canvas

Use a Color Corrector

color corrector, indian bridal makeup

Image Courtesy: My envy blog

Let’s face it, more often than not we have less than perfect skin. It’s riddled with pigmentation, dark circles and discolorations. But we all want to look flawless on the day of our wedding. To achieve an even bridal makeup south Indian style, cancel out all your beauty concerns with a color corrector. It is a rage now and works way better than just applying a concealer.

For instance, if you are suffering from redness, nullify it by using a green color corrector. Follow it with a concealer.

Use a Concealer

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Image Courtesy: Cosmopolitan

After color correcting, use a concealer on top of it. There are two most popular types of concealers: Liquid (for dry skin) and Solid, in a retractable pen (for oily skins)

Get a Foundation Closest to your Skin Tone

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Image Courtesy: Laupshaw

The biggest makeup mistake Indians make is buy a foundation that is two or more shades lighter than their skin tone. Remember ladies, a foundation is not meant to make you fairer. It should merely even out your face and set a base for the rest of your south Indian makeup bridal look.

To get the perfect shade, simply apply some foundation on your jawline and drag it to your neck.

Step 3: Let Your Eyes Speak for You

makeup styles

Image Courtesy: Makeup Styles

Eye makeup is the prime focus of the south Indian bridal look. Women there are blessed with doe eyes and inorder to accentuate them even more, they apply loads of kohl (kajal). Here is the way to secure the perfect south Indian bridal eye makeup:

  1. Use Neutral eye shade as a base
  2. Define the Crease
  3. Fill your eye lid with a bright shade. Traditional south Indian bridal makeup includes Golden, Silver or the currently trending Rose Orange colors.
  4. Blend all the colors well. Let there be no sharp line
  5. Apply an eyeliner. There are four types of eyeliners, select the one according to your convenience:
    1. Gel: Thickest consistency, remains the longest.
    2. Pencil: Easiest to use, however would fade away soon.
    3. Liquid: Offers a glossy effect.
    4. Sketch/Pen: Easy to reapply and of thin consistency.
  6. Flutter your eyelashes with several coats of mascara. You can also opt for falsies for a dramatic effect.
  7. South Indian brides layer up on kohl. So if you opt for that, apply heavy kohl on your water line


Step 4: Sculpt your Face


Image Courtesy: Ulta

Bridal makeup for south Indian is known for its glow. So this is one of the most important steps to getting the look right.

  1. Contour: Go light on contouring. Choose a contour shade 2-3 times darker than your skin tone. Sulk in your cheeks and starting from your outer forehead, draw an E-shape till your jaw line.
  2. Blush: You probably won’t need a lot of this either as you’ll anyway be naturally blushing throughout the event! Choose a coral shade as it compliments the gorgeous complexion of south Indian women really well.
  3. Highlight: Go crazy on highlighting! This should be the main focus of your face. Google south Indian bridal images and the first thing you’ll notice is how dewy they look. Trace your cheek bones and apply a shade 2-3 times lighter than your skin on top of it, on the bridge of your nose, middle of your forehead and on the arc of your lips.


Step 5: Make your Lips Kissable


Image Courtesy: The Zoe Report

Because the emphasis of south Indian bridal makeup are the eyes, keep your lips relatively a low-key affair. Choose neutral, MLBB (my lips but better), or muted red shades.

  1. Wipe off the Excess Lip Balm
  2. Draw your lips with a Lip Liner
  3. Choose a subtle yet fresh lip shade
  4. Swipe your index finger once between your lips to avoid getting your teeth stained with extra lipstick.

Set your south Indian bridal makeup with a makeup setting spray. This ensures your makeup remains till the end and does not crease in between. Makeup setting spray from Makeup Revolution is trending in India at the moment.

Another important aspect of the updo are the bridal south Indian sarees. Most of the brides traditionally go for kanjeevaram silk sarees.


Image Courtesy: South Jewellery

To get south Indian bridal hair, wear them in long braid or tie a tight bun. Accessorize in pure gold ornaments to complete the look. Remember to smile confidently as at the end of the day, that will help you shine out on your D-Day!

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