5 Popular Pooja Room Door Designs

Pooja room door designs

Pooja room is a very peaceful place inside every home and has lot of beliefs and feelings attached to it. It is a place where you look for peace and comfort for a few moments daily. They are a sacred space where many rituals are done to praise and please the God, and also to strengthen our faith in him. While building a house and working on its interiors special attention is given to the Pooja room and its décor. There are several designs in which a beautiful Pooja room can be made.

The first thing which is important for a Pooja room is the door. Some people prefer Pooja room door designs with bells as the bells are considered essential for Pooja room and are available in intricate designs as per the interiors of the house. Usually Pooja door designs India are meant to give a traditional feel with those wooden carvings on the gate and the written sculptures of some religious sayings. And these all are enhanced by the lighting arrangements in the area. If the area is well lit, it uplifts the spiritual mood of the place. Bells are usually placed at the top like in Pooja room door designs in Kerala.

1. Pooja Room Door Designs with Carvings on Wood

Pooja room doors with the carvings of various designs on the wood are also quite popular. Patterns like flowers, images of any particular God are carved on the doors are usually carved out in wood. These types of doors are more ethnic in look.

Pooja Room Door Designs

Image Source : Pinterest


2. Double Door Designs for Pooja Rooms

Usually the Pooja room double door designs are double door pattern but sometimes single door designs also good in cases when you don’t have a spacious flat.  With a compact look and bells for attraction, single doors are also a good choice.

Indian Pooja Room Door DesignsImage Source : myinterio.in

3. Glass Door Designs for Pooja Rooms

Pooja room doors with glass give a beautiful and divine look to your place. They offer unmatched elegance and grace to your home. With several designs and textures available in glass doors like frosted glass, beveled glass, etched glass etc. any design which suits your space can be chosen.


Image Source- slvdesignglass.in


4. Metal Work Pooja Room Door Designs

If your home has a well designed interior with heavy looking artifacts then Pooja room door designs with a metal caricature of Gods is an ideal type for you. Such door as in the image below give an elite look to your Pooja room and certainly match up with the interiors of the house.


Image Courtesy- Stylesatlife.com


5. Bell Design Pooja Room Doors

Nothing beats a traditional door with bells. Bells are considered to be sacred hence they make a perfect choice to be used for pooja room designs.


Image courtesy- St.hzcdn.com

So, which one would you pick for your pooja room?

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