4 Inspiring Small Terrace Garden Ideas

terrace garden ideas

As population increases, homes are growing smaller by the day. Not everyone can have a full fledged yard. Especially in the cities, it is extremely difficult to ensure that you will have the garden of your dreams. However, one of the things that you can do if you really want a garden where you can grow some produce that will be sustainable as well as completely organic at the same time is to opt for a small terrace garden right in your terrace. Though you may think that you don’t have nearly enough space for having a complete garden. In fact, you don’t really need a lot of space to have the perfect terrace garden. In fact, you can simply turn a small balcony into an incredible space to grow all your everyday crops in, like chillies, tomatoes, brinjals, okras as well as leafy vegetables like cabbages and cauliflowers. With proper care, you can ensure that you have a garden that is the envy of all your friends. Here are some terrace garden ideas that you can use to make your terrace garden look absolutely stunning and make it sprout vegetables and turn it into your own personal paradise.

1. Landscaped Terrace Garden Ideas

Landscaped Terrace Garden Ideas

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If you want to have a small garden for your terrace and if you live in a high-rise, this is one of the best ideas for you. The small fountain can be very calming and the pebbles give the appearance of a very well kept garden. The simple addition of the pebbles just elevates this entire garden to look like a miniature version of a backyard and looks absolutely stunning. The plants can be replaced with vegetative plants of your choice for a yield of the freshest and the best produce. Adding the small wooden bench can help you turn the balcony into a zen place for you to sit back and relax in. This is one of the best terrace landscaping ideas that you can use to create the small terrace garden design ideas.

2. Romantic Terrace Garden Ideas

Romantic Terrace Garden Ideas

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This is an idea that works best for a roof terrace. Use one of the corners of your roof terrace to create this cozy little spot where you can enjoy the evening tea with your significant other in peace and observe the colony from your apartment. The beauty of this garden is that it can provide you with the ideal place to plant pretty flowers that are in the season. You can grow any flower that you and your partner like to add a romantic touch to your garden. Once the flowers bloom, this place will be your favorite spot for spending quality time.

3. Extended Terrace Garden Ideas for Flats and Apartments

Extended Terrace Garden Ideas for Flats and Apartments

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This is one of the best ideas if you have a bit of space on your terrace as this will allow you to plant all types of herbs, vegetative plants as well as an assortment of flowers in your garden to help it look absolutely stunning. Placing two chairs and a carpet can ensure that you will be able to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with your significant other whilst enjoying the beauty of your garden.

4. Rooftop Terrace Garden Ideas

Rooftop Terrace Garden Ideas

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While rooftop terrace gardens are actually a bit tougher than simple terrace gardens with respect to the need for understanding the way in which this can be implemented, since a rooftop garden is not typically a simple project with potted plants growing in your building terrace. The steps that you have to follow in order to have a rooftop garden that is fully functional are-

  • Planning- You must have a plan for where everything will go. Whether you want chairs, rocks or soil beds, you will have to plan everything before you need to focus on the implementation part of the process.
  • The first thing that you have to ensure is that your roof must be able to with your builder or contractor to see if your roof can hold the pressure of the soil, containers and so on.
  • You will need to install safety measures to ensure that your plants don’t fall over. Therefore installing fences or walls is a must when you are planning to install a roof garden.
  • Having the proper landscaping is a must if you want your roof garden to look modern and up to date. The best way to landscape your garden is to have a lot of separated spaces with pebbles to mark out areas where you can sit or maybe have a nap in the sun in the winters on a sun bed. A hammock or a swing for children can also be good ideas.
  • After having all these elements in check, the final step is to pick out the plants, look up their specific requirements and to plant them and care for them for the perfect terrace

I hope we have given you enough ideas to inspire you to invest some time in creating your own small terrace garden. It’s Gardening Time! 😀

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