6 Home and Room Door Designs for Your Dream House

Houses are a reflection of our personality, the shade of paint, the furniture, the curtains etc. all give insights of our choices and influences. A well designed and decorated house is everybody’s desire; it not only enhances the appearance but also speaks volumes about one’s lifestyle. If you are considering making furniture for your room or house, or going for a complete renovation of the house, it’s imperative to give a thought to the size, colors, quality and most importantly room door designs. The room door design is the first thing a person notices when entering your room. The quality, paint, color, design and size already gives a first impression of what the room shall be looking like. So when you have to create an impression of your house, doors are something you must invest in. And if need a little guidance on how it should be like, you are on the right page. Read on to know on what works for your doors.

Room Door Designs

To get done with your Room door designs, you should evaluate a budget, the look of the house and the interior you are considering. It can be vintage, classy or high-end design matching with the current trends. Let us have a look at some of the designs that are prevalent in the market currently.

1. Slider doors

slider door

Source: DigHouseDesign

This one comes with a sliding gate which can be shifted to one side to open. These gates can be of wooden, metal, glass or even combinations of it. It doesn’t occupy any room space yet a little section of the wall outside the room has to be left for the shifting of the gate. As it has a little of technicalities involved, it shows that the person is updated on trends.

2. Wood Hinged Door

Wood Hinged door

Source: HomeDesignLove

The standard door that is best used as a bathroom or room door is the Wood Hinged door. The room door design is a one piece door which is attached to a hinge and either opens in or out. It has a single hand knob that is lockable with a key from both the sides. The room door design is best suited for rooms that need a little privacy or a classy look.

3. Glass Doors

Source: Look4Design

Source: Look4Design

These room door designs are the most popular ones as glass doors are loved by all because of their transparency, or the designs that can be made into them (personalized), they can be combined with wood to create new designs and looks and look sober at any corner of the house. The glass doors need special care and attention as they can be broken easily too.

Home Door Designs

Like room door designs are important to design the interiors of the house, the home door designs are important to give the outer look of the house glamorous. Obviously there has to be a door to keep the outside world locked, but with a little gracefulness to the door, it can become all the more appealing to the outsiders as well as the owners. Home door designs attract the attention of passersby, the neighborhood and also the personal expression to anyone who comes to the house. Let us have a look at the home door designs which shall be the perfect definition of a house and the people residing.

4. The Wooden Main Door

The wooden main door

Source: vgnezdoto

This type of outside door design is usually accompanied by glass windows on both sides (with curtains from inside) to make it shine brighter. The color is chosen as per the house exteriors and also keeping in mind the pleasant feeling it shall impart to the visitors. The door is usually paired with a big doormat and dark door knobs.

5. Glass Wood Door Design

Source: Kijashi

Source: Kijashi

This one is a popular choice amongst the people who have garden just outside the house building and the house has already been surrounded by a fence and iron gates. The outdoor door design is made with a combination of glass and wood to make it look more appealing. There are fewer chances of people peering into the house and so the glass door is not a problem. It can be decorated with antique bells, flower pots lining up the stairs and door.

6. The Grill Gates

The grill gatesThis kind of home door design gate is often chosen mostly for safety reasons. The grill gates is made of iron compounds and designed to stop unwanted access to the house. This is a two door concept where the outer gate is grill gate and the indoor gate is that of wooden or glass. The door provides good safety to the households and makes them check the outsiders well before letting them in. The grill gates can be slider or hinged depending upon one’s own choice and purpose.

We are sure that you will be able to brew your thoughts properly and settle on the right kind of room door designs and home door designs for that perfect home you are trying to build!

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