6 Double Bed Designs to Complete Your Dream Bedroom

double bed designs

There is a bed for everyone in the world, designed to his or her taste. From the royal king size and queen size beds to designer double beds there is a bed for all kinds of bedroom imaginable. If you are planning your dream home, make sure the bedroom is done according to your taste and preferences as it is the most favourite part of our home where we retire after a long day. All we crave for at the end of the day is a lovely sprawling bed and that should exactly suit our preferences and vision of a dream bed to increase the satisfaction and comfort. Depending on the size of your room, wall paint and interior decoration, you should choose matching metal double bed designs, or classic wooden beds or ones with a leather finish, anything that completes the look of your room. Check out a few spectacular double bed designs that can give you enough reasons to come back home soon.

1. Four Poster Beds

Four poster beds - Double Bed Designs

They are old but they are indeed gold. Very popular in the colonial or Victorian times these beds can never really seem backdated or old fashioned. People with a classy taste and in love with things of the past, need queen size four poster beds to suit their style. Crafted from oak, mahogany or pure Burma teak, it transports you to a time frame of the past with its ornate wooden design and classy demeanor. Antique things are favored for the intricacy and detailing in the designs and these beds excel in such qualities. Intricately engraved art on high quality wood is an antique art that can never lose its charm. If you have a house displayed with classy old furniture and antique pieces of art, you must bring everything to perfection by adding this one in to enhance the antique theme. Moreover the four wooden posts and sometimes a cover on the top makes you feel really cozy.

2. Royal Queen Size Beds

Royal queen size beds

While going through a catalogue of Indian double bed designs you should not miss out these luxurious royal beds best suited for Indian households. They are rich with Indian taste and aesthetics and can really provide you with a delightful royal comfort every time you enter your dream bedroom. Bring in 5 star luxuries into your own home by changing the upholstery to suit your regal taste. A well crafted queen size bed in warm brown or white and gold with elaborate carvings can bring in your bedroom a fascinatingly royal air.

3. Canopy Bed

Canopy bedFeaturing among the most beautiful double bed designs is the canopy bed that provides the world’s best comfort and privacy. Canopy beds are similar to four poster beds with the four long wooden poles at the four corners and an upper shade but what makes these unique is a decorative fabric hanging from the shade to cover you up on all sides to create a cozy enclosure. These curtain-like fabrics are usually made of silk, net or chiffon which are light and airy and yet provide you a dream like comfort and privacy. Transport back to the age of romances and fairy tales by bringing in a canopy bed into your spacious bedroom themed according to romantic styles. Remember that these beds can only gel in when you have a romantic setting for your bedroom and not a chic and contemporary one.

4. Double Bed Designs with Drawers

Double bed with drawersWhile choosing a suitable design of double bed often what we look for is style but at times we should also take into account the factor of convenience. Nowadays people often face space crunch in smaller apartments and look for compact designs of furniture. Save up lots of space in your room by going for double bed designs with drawers. These are extremely useful and convenient to organize your bedroom. Double beds with bed side tables and drawers can be quite a utility package.

5. Double Decker Beds

Double decker beds

The best kind of double bed for your kids’ room is a double-decker bed. When there is more than one kid in the house sharing a room made for them, save space by buying them a super cute and comfortable double-decker bed. You can check out double decker bed designs that come in various shapes, designs and colours and give your kids loads of fun and comfort. Modular double bed designs come with cabinets, drawers, dream lights and bed side tables to make it even more convenient to organize your kids’ room.

6. Sofa Bed Designs

Sofa bedA sofa bed is a multifunctional piece of furniture that can be a posh sofa in the day time and transform into a comfortable double bed at night. In case you do not have enough space in your room to accommodate a sofa and a bed you can save space and yet go high on style by getting in a sofa bed. They are great options for people living in small apartments without causing space crunch.

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