5 Steps to Say Hello to Bright Skin!

bright skin

Who wouldn’t want a glowing and bright skin? The main point of investing thousands of our money into skin care regime is usually because we want to achieve a porcelain and clear skin. But do those expensive and over-rated products work for a long time? Most of them stop their magic once you discontinue using them. Bright complexion is fairly easy to get if you are ready to make certain changes to your lifestyle and adopt a more natural skin care routine. If you are still in pursuit of steering clear of dull face despite trying everything under the sun, then lovely ladies, look no further! We are curating some of the best tips across the world, so you don’t have to scurry around and waste time experimenting with ineffective commercial “wonders”! Here are 5 steps to get rid of lifeless skin forever and bag a radiant and bright one!

1. Sesame Oil for Bright Skin Complexion

bright skin, sesame oil

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If you knew the benefits of sesame oil, you’d simply toss out your high-end brands of serums! It is rich in linoleic acid which possesses anti-inflammatory properties to reduce cysts and curb potential pimples. The acid also aids in evening out your skin tone. High levels of anti-oxidants ensure that your skin is glowing inside-out and is baby soft to touch! It is indeed the best solution to your dull skin issues. Simply take 5-7 drops of sesame oil and massage gently into your skin before bed (OR) add 2-3 drops of the oil to your moisturizer. You’ll wake up to a gorgeous and bright skin just within a week!

2. Grapes

grapes, bright skin

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We love the sweet and tangy taste of grapes. But did you know you could use them to make a brightening skin mask too? High-end brands tend to over-price their skin brightening and whitening products in the name of rich vitamin C they apparently contain. However, that’s plain gimmick as the potency of vitamin C cannot be contained for more than a month or two. Also, if you pay heed to the ingredients list, you’d be appalled to see the products advertised in the name of a certain vitamin is somewhere at the bottom. To avoid getting looted by fake claims, resort to the natural powerhouse of vitamin C, i.e., grapes. They help in building collagen, thereby improving your skin’s elasticity. This makes your face look polished and sparkly.


  • Crush 6-8 Grapes along with the seeds
  • Add 3 drops of Lavender essential oil

This is an amazing dual-functionary mask as the seeds of the grapes work as a scrub too, exfoliating away all your dead cells. Use this mask thrice a week.


3. Aloe Vera

aloe vera, bright skin

Image Courtesy: Netra Agro

Aloe Vera is also known as the ‘plant of immortality‘! Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s used to achieve perennial beauty by women around the world. Anthraquinone in aloe vera helps ooze glow from your face, while α-Arbutin reduces dark spots and tan. So stop wondering how to get brighter skin and use this mask now!


  • Take 2 aloe leaves and extract the gel
  • Mix the gel with half a lemon
  • Add a few drops of fresh orange juice (optional)
  • Let the mask seep into your skin for 15 mins
  • Repeat twice a week


4. Take Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex Supplements for Face Brightening


Image Courtesy: DBRev

The vital combination of Vitamin C and B complex is an absolute must if you want to shed away your dull and lifeless skin! Start taking them today and thank us later! We assure you’d never have to worry about how to make your skin bright again.

5. Sunflower Seeds


Image Courtesy: Healthy Beauty Blogs

Sunflower seeds or chironji are found in most of the Indian households. They are stocked up with Vitamin E and B complex to help repair and enhance your skin’s luster. You can easily find them in the market. Use the seeds regularly to bid adieu to your tired skin.


  • Soak a few chironji seeds overnight in milk
  • Grind them and apply along with milk
  • Keep it on for 15 mins or use as scrub if you’re in short of time
  • Repeat daily or atleast thrice a week for an extremely bright skin


We hope these tips help you with your skin insecurities and pull out the real you that’s stifled under layers of dull and tired skin!

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