5 Trending Kitchen Cabinet Designs

When you hear the word kitchen what comes to mind is the delicious food and cuisines.  For having a healthy and hearty kitchen one needs to have a systematic and organized basic kitchen cabinet design. Here are 5 kitchen cabinet designs to help keep you organized :

1. Modular Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Designer kitchen cabinets these days have modular furniture, pullout trays and storage system. The very basic and appealing way to have modular kitchen design cabinets is to have a compact look with well planned designs and furniture arrangements. The drawer system which is a part of kitchen cabinets inside design should be channelized and so that for our dear ladies it’s easy to pull out the drawers which are storage for bottles, jars, containers and plates which are frequently used. Cabinet designs should always have an element of personal customization as your needs & requirements, cooking style, taste for food is different. For smooth and un-interrupting opening and closing of racks, shelf’s trays in Indian kitchens is very essential as they have all the spices, oil, ghee etc. which are always required at the front of our eyes for a quick and clean mix in the food.

Kitchen Cabinet DesignsImage Source : Living.sevenquilts.com

2. U Shaped Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Design of cabinets at home is highly dependent on the space and area of the kitchen and hence it gets essential to make the efficient use and give your kitchen a shape which suits the space. Various common and popular shapes of kitchen are L shaped, U shaped and two wall kitchens. Like in the image below is shown a U shaped kitchen, a white and yellow colored floral design. Such shapes define the cooking and stove area and also accommodate electrical appliances like microwave and mixers on the platform which are frequently required in the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs in Indian Homes

Image Source : Homerical.com

3. Properly Lighted Designs

Apart from the shape one more important thing about kitchen designs is the lighting. The kitchen design should have a glow and that depends on electrical setting and illumination works. Like in the image below proper lighting is giving a glow to the cabinets in their appearance and add up to their style.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Image Source : 2.bp.blogspot.com

4. L Shaped Kitchen Cabinet Designs

L shaped kitchen has well defined spaces for chimney, storage and gas burner. Simple and elegant design makes it visibly pleasant and sober from a medium sized kitchen perspective.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs at Indian HomesImage Source : hgtvhome.sndimg.com

5. Simple Kitchen Cabinet Design

Simple kitchen cabinet design is incomplete without garnishing of color effects. They provide the most impressive visual impact and give a meaning to your kitchen design. In the images above you have seen the contrast colors as well as single color kitchen cabinets both look equally good but you should make sure your choice compliments the interior of your house.

Simple Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Now you can make your cooking experience much smoother, organized and well settled.  Kitchen cabinet design comes are available in frameless as well as wooden frame cupboards. It is a fact that kitchen cabinets are implicit kitchen furniture for its sustenance, cooking gear and dishes or table administration. A little kitchen might be made of extensive supplies in an organized manner. Modular kitchens can provide the same joy as usual ones do as at the end the outcome of every kitchen is delicious food which everybody loves.

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