5 Garden Design Ideas to Help Build your own Home Garden

Garden Design

In the present realty, buying a land and building a home with a pond and garden is very expensive. This is why home buyers go for high-rise flats, apartment and villas. Here also you can make your home garden come true with available land on the ground, balcony and on your rooftop. Here, you can check out various garden design ideas and methods for a do-it-yourself (DIY) home garden. If you are not creative, you can get the service from a landscape architect to do it for you at affordable cost. You can also get the assistance from a professional gardener to make your home garden come true.

1. Container Garden Design

When you plan for simple garden designs, the container garden is most suitable for small home or homes having small outer areas for setting up of small garden. Since, you can buy mud containers and can use custom-made containers. Either, you can make use of unwanted shoes, cans and broken buckets to hold flowering plants as containers. By making use of your own unwanted home materials as container, you save money of buying earthly pots or flower mud containers.

Image courtesy- 4.bp.blogspot.com

2. Japanese Garden Design

If you have large outer land place near your home, you can plan Japanese garden design ideas. This is an oriental type of garden and looks unique with water pond, pebble stones pathways and small bridges. You can get more information on the web for the Japanese flower design and see those flowering plants are nearby your horticulture center.
Japanese Garden
Image courtesy- www.littlepieceofme.com

3. Aquatic Garden Design

When you wish to feel the cool on your home garden, the garden pond designs is the best option for home garden design. The cost of setting up or building a pond depends upon the materials you use. However, they can look more aesthetic, when you plant grass and colorful small flowers near to the pond.

Aquatic Garden Design
Image courtesy- www.plantparadise.co.za

4. Rose Garden Design

When you wish to have same plant with multi color flowers, you can go for rose garden design. You can get different varieties of rose plant seeds and plant them in unique color combinations, such that it looks more beautiful on your home garden.

Rose Garden Design
Image courtesy- www.adesignideas.com


5. Rock Garden Design

The rock garden design is most suitable for people who wish dark color as background to highlight your colorful floral garden. This is simple to make with your aesthetic sense by placing the rocks in different shapes such that the flowering are always below the rock and look more colorful due to dark backdrop.
Rock Garden

Image courtesy- www.simplelifeprattle.com


In the present days, you cannot find any vegetation in your surroundings. It is advisable to keep a home garden to keep cool, have a piece of mind and your children to play in colorful floral area in your home garden. You can also fix some kids large toy items to make it more play full with your children and by your neighboring kids. You can have a simple garden by DIY methods or spend little on professional gardener or landscape architect to make your home garden come true.

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