5 Balcony Designs to make your Home Balcony Beautiful!

The Indian realty in domestic residential projects is more concerned on the looks of the property they build. These are happening with the use of modern construction materials. When comes to balcony designs, any builders are not in any compromise on the balcony side. Since, they market their residential projects as seafront flats, high-rise apartment, lake view apartment and independent vila with large balcony. Here the little open space is having more priority and this is what a home buyer is looking for free flow of air, day light intensity, city view, lake view and sea view from their balcony, where their property is located. The below are five balcony designs that may suit your home balconies :

1. Armature Observatory Balcony

If you are residing in high-rise apartments in top floors, it is advisable to design the home balcony as observatory. Since, the armature telescopes are cheaper and you can use them as terrestrial and astronomical viewing purpose from your top floor.

Balcony Designs - Armature Observatory Balcony
Image courtesy- www.lotsafunmaps.com

2. Balcony Designs with Hanging Garden

When comes to Flora Indian balcony designs, you can go for hanging garden designs on your home balcony. You can d it with natural flowers and artificial floor too. However, to look natural you can by few Earth friendly flower pots and make a colourful hanging garden on your home balcony.
Balcony Designs - Balcony with Hanging Garden

Image courtesy- www.florapockets.com

3. Balcony Designs as Storage Space

When you have a large home balcony, you can use them as storage space too by customs balcony designs. Either, you can design all those chairs and table such that you can use them as storage space, by making them hidden on the furniture and set them in your home balcony.


Balcony Designs - Balcony as Storage Space

Image courtesy- www.digsdigs.com

4. Home Balcony as Reading Room

If your home balcony is in corner portion or you have a silent atmosphere, then you can go for Indian balcony designs to use them as reading room. This is best you your kids too and entire family to read or study in a peaceful atmosphere with good airflow.


Balcony Designs - Home Balcony as Reading Room

Image courtesy- pinterest.com

5. Home Balcony as Sit Out

If you have good airflow on your home balcony, you can make balcony designs to use them as sit out. You can by beanbags or plush sofa set and arranges them properly to sit and enjoy the neighboring places with fresh air.


Balcony Designs - Home Balcony as Sit Out
Image courtesy- www.telegraphindia.com

It is advisable to see that, when you buy a modern home in any types of building, high-rise flats and multistory apartments you have to check with the builders for the possibility of balcony renovation woks is permissible. However, you can do Indian balcony designs on your dream home, when you buy a standard home. There are many professional balcony decors to do as per your requirement. They are affordable and may complete your balcony décor works on the same day you hire them after free balcony décor consultation.

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