5 Amazing Design Ideas of Reception Stage Decoration

reception stage decoration

Wedding times are the most loved, enjoyed and precious time of our lives. The series of events, the continuous fun, meeting of old friends and cousins all make up for a celebration of life. All of this looks magical if this is not your wedding and probably the best when you are not planning it. Because planning a wedding is sheer nightmare. Looking after the decorations, lighting, food requirement and menu selections plus ensuring everything goes right at the perfect moment just seem impossible. Everyone wants to do something new and unique on their wedding day, and think of it or not, most of them revolve around the decorations that take place in a wedding. Deciding the stage decoration for wedding reception has come to its all time high in terms of creativity and excellence. Gone are the days when people just hanged a few flowers for the reception stage décor. Now with advanced options, new talents, creativity and a lot of money to be put in to a marriage, people have become more open towards experimenting new ideas in stage backdrops for wedding decorations. So disregarding the budget issue, here are 5 design ideas of reception stage decoration to help you make your wedding unique!

1. The Drapes Pattern for Reception Stage Decoration

Ideas for Wedding Reception Stage Decoration

Source: Pinterest.com

The most popular theme based reception stage décor is that of drapes pattern, in this theme they use colorful or single colored draped to create patterns and hand them from the ceiling to floor. Be it a sweet and simple reception or a grand one, the patterns and the number of drapes can be changed to work creativity on them. It looks both traditional and unique at the same time. For extra attraction, one can use light strings to light up the drapes. Take cue from us-

1. Use a simpler style for the Mehendi and haldi functions and add lots of cushions to make it look like home.
2. Go for high definition look by making use of lights that highlight and glam up the reception stage décor.
3. Stage backdrops for wedding reception look all the more glamorous when double colored drapes are used with contrasting lights to create shaamiyaana.
4. Put up a sofa right at the centre of the stage that goes perfectly with the décor, to give a rich and comfortable look.

2. The Marigold Theme for Reception Stage Decoration

Ideas for Wedding Reception Stage Decoration

Source: Tribune

Marigold has been an important flower in every kind of pujas, yagna or even marriage in India. With new styles coming up, Marigold found its place in decoration this season and it is a hot trend all over. Experiment with new styles and design, revolve around trees, make bells, cover the street with these flower garlands and make use of all its three shades available to create a perfect look for that beautiful night.

3. The White Theme for Reception Stage Decoration

Ideas for Wedding Reception Stage Decoration

Source: WeddingSeve

White is a rich color and entices everyone with its beauty. Although the most prevalent color in an Indian Wedding is red, but when white comes to play with red, it creates a never-to-forget kind of style. Look at these options-

1. White chairs and tables with contrasting flowers
2. Stage with white flowers and lights create a unique look
3. Glam up the mandap with combining roses and white drapes.
4. Use lavender with white flowers and candles to recreate the English style wedding

Plus when the bride and groom take their place on the stage, the colorfulness brings extra glam to the stage backdrops for wedding decoration.

4. Crystal Theme for Reception Stage Decoration

Ideas for Wedding Reception Stage Decoration

Source: StylesGlamour

It’s not been long that Indians have found their fancy zing in crystal decoration. The stage decorations for wedding reception has been time and again experimented with crystals but a whole theme based on crystals was nowhere to be seen. With the amount of creativity that can run into it, crystal becomes an area of interest now days. Check out these options-

1. Create crystal walls with family photos to create a photo booth.
2. Engrave the names of guests on their respective tables on a crystal décor
3. Make crystal a part of your return gift.
4. The stage backdrops for wedding reception covered with crystals and music.

Take charge and bring creativity into the decoration to keep everyone astounded.

5. The DIY Style of Reception Stage Decoration

Ideas for Wedding Reception Stage Decoration

Source: EventFaqs

The recent storm that is catching up fever everywhere is DO IT YOURSELF style of stage decoration for wedding reception. It’s a totally personalized and home style wedding theme where the tiniest of things speak volume about the family and people involved.

Check out a few ideas-

1. Use your private vehicle to create unique style for entry of bride and groom.
2. Design photo booths by creating props
3. Place pictures of bride and groom’s pre-wedding shoot on the stage
4. Make use of mirrors and decorate it with flowers

We hope we gave you enough design ideas to inspire you! We guess, the stage is all set 😉

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