6 Tips on How to Get a Natural Hair Colour for Grey Hair

Tired of applying chemical dyes and hair colors to color your grey hair? Natural coloring causes less damage to the hair. Here, we suggest you few homemade pastes, oil massages and herbal mixes that can be used as natural hair colour for grey hair. They will not darken your hair like a chemical mix, but they will color your hair and help keep it healthy.

1. Homemade Oil for Grey Hair

Take 50 ml coconut oil, 50 ml sesame oil and 50 ml olive oil. Mix all these and heat on a low flame. In another pan, spurt 10 gm mustard, 20 gm curry leaves, 20 gm dry amla and 20 henna leaves. Saute till they are almost dry. Now, add the oil and heat this mixture for another 10 minutes. Store it in an airtight bottle and keep it in direct sunlight for four days. Let the ingredients settle at the base. Now, use this oil and massage your scalp and hair every day. This oil helps darken your greying hair.

Curry Leaves Hair Oil for Grey Hair

Image Source : Wiseshe.com

2. Henna Paste for Grey Hair

Make a paste out of henna and apply over the hair for two hours and rinse. After a few hours, mix 100 gms of indigo (auri) powder with warm water and make a paste. Apply this paste all over the hair. Leave it on for 45 minutes and rinse. You will be surprised to see that your grey hair has turned black to an extent. Apply this paste once a week.

Henna Paste and Indigo for Grey Hair

Image Source : Hairlosstreatmentstip.com and Curlyhairlounge.com

3. Hair Pack for Grey Hair

Make your own hair darkening pack by mixing the following together : 50 gms henna leaves, 20 ml aloe vera gel, 5 gms harde whole (haritaki or kadukkai) skin, 20 gms fresh seedless amla. Grind all the above to a smooth paste, add the juice of half a lemon to this mixture and apply on the hair. Apply 10 ml olive oil on the hair prior ro applying this pack. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse to get a reddish-brown tint to your hair.

How to Reduce Grey Hair


4. Olive Oil Massage for Grey Hair

Olive Oil is an excellent hair darkener. Slightly warm 20 ml of olive oil and apply it on the scalp and give a gentle massage for eight to ten minutes. Leave it on for one hour. Wash with homemade shikakai. Apply this twice a week to get back your beautiful dark hair.

Olive Oil - Hair Massage

Image Source : Stylecraze.com

5. Henna Amla Kadukkai Paste for Grey Hair

Take 200 gms henna powder, 25 gms amla powder, 10 gms kadukkai powder, 10 gms tulsi powder, 100 ml tea decotion, 2 ml eucalyptus oil, 100 ml curd, 10 drops lemon juice and 2 tsp olive oil. Mix all the ingredients in an iron vessel and soak overnight. Next morning, apply this mixture on the scalp and hair. Leave it on for two hours and rinse. Do not apply shampoo while washing the hair. This paste gives a beautiful maroon tint to your hair. It also prevents further greying.

Henna Amla Kadukkai Paste for Grey Hair

Image Source : Makeupandbeauty.com

6. To get a Natural Burgundy Tint

Make a hair pack by blending 100 gms Henna Leaves, One Beetroot (small), 100 gms aloe vera and 2 tsp multani mitti. Apply this on your hair and leave it on for one hour. This paste gives a burgundy tint to hair.

To give your hair a Natural Burgundy Tint

You can also use preventive measures to avoid premature greying of hair by keeping your scalp clean, avoiding smoking, avoiding caffeine, junk food, and alcohol, never washing hair with hot water, using mild shampoos and conditioners. by not using hair products, which contain harsh chemicals, massaging the scalp of hair with fingertips to induce blood flow, wearing shower caps while swimming as the chlorine mixed in public pools can damage your hair. Following simple tips can help you deal with greying hair!

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