12 Tips on How to Get Soft and Beautiful Hands at Home

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Lovely hands tell the most flattering things about you. They give you confidence and are a symbol of femininity. Pretty hands are not easy to acquire with the daily chores we all have to do) but with a little care and attention you can, if you like, make them beautiful. The daily exposure to the harsh sun, the ill effects of successive cold and hot water, the manual work involved in cooking, if you do 😉 will in the long run dissolve all the natural oils secreted by the skin, making wrinkles to appear on the surface of the skin and giving an old and aged appearance to the hands. Here are tips to achieve beautiful soft hands :

1. Homemade Cream for Soft Hands

Every night before going to bed, take one teaspoon top-of-milk and mix in one ground almond and a few drops each of lime juice, glycerin and rose water. Massage the mixture into your hands. Next morning, apply a little gram flour on your hands and wash them nicely. This treatment will not only make your hands soft and smooth but at the same time they will make them fairer.

Homemade Recipes for Soft Hands

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2. Camphor Cream for Hands

The best cure for cracked and rough hands is to apply on them regularly camphor cream. To make this cream take one cup of sesame seed oil and mix in one ounce each of pure wax and camphor. Heat the mixture till all the ingredients dissolve and then store in a clean bottle of jar. Wash and dry hands, then apply regularly at bedtime.

3. Salt and Oatmeal to get Soft Hands

Do you have rough skin on your arms? Rub salt once a week on the affected portion. Dampen your hand on the affected area and massage a handful of salt in a rotatory movement, and then take your bath. A handful of oatmeal soaked in milk for five minutes is another excellent remedy. Massage oatmeal on the affected portion, leave on for 15 minutes, then wash off. This not only removes the rough surface skin and makes it soft but also whitens it.

Home Remedies For Cracked Hands - Salt

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4. Homemade Hand Cream for Winters

In winters, to avoid dry skin, massage your arms with top-of-milk, blended with a few drops each of olive oil and rose water, five minutes before going in for your bath. It is a good idea to always massage a few drops of olive oil into your arms if you want to keep them soft and smooth.

Olive Oil, Milk Cream and Rose Water for Soft Hands

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5. How to Whiten Hands

A good bleaching agent, to whiten the skin on your hands, is a mixture of one teaspoon each of tomato, lime juice and milk. After applying, leave on for 15 minutes before washing off.

Tomato, Lime and Milk to Whiten Hands

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6. Cream of Milk and Glycerin for Hands

In the winter season, the hands turn red and swollen. The best cure for this is to soak them for 10 minutes in salt water. Dry with a soft towel and massage into them one tablespoon of top-of-milk mixed with a few drops of glycerin. This will help you get beautiful and soft hands.

7. How to avoid Rough and Dark Elbows

The elbow seem to suffer the most from neglect because the thin skin there darkens easily from elbow leaning. Scrub them every day at bath time with soap and pumice stone. To lighten them, cut a lemon into two halves, squeeze out its juice and rest your elbows in the lemon shells for atleast 10 minutes. Do this twice a week. And every night, before your bedtime, massage them nicely with a little top-of-milk blended with lime or lemon juice.


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8. How to Avoid Staining of Hands

To remove stains from your hands either rub them with raw potato slices or lime slices. For stubborn stains try soaking them for five minutes in equal quantities of either vinegar and water or lime juice and water.

Rub your Hands with Lemon

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9. How to Remove Smell from Hands

To remove any strong smell from your hands, take a tablespoon of gram flour. Mix in a few drops of lime juice and enough water to make it into a paste. Apply on the hands and leave for five minutes. Then wash your hands thoroughly with water.

Gram Flour and Lime

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10. How to get Attractive Nails

With good soft hands you should also aim at having attractive nails. To improve brittle and splitting nails caused by lack of calcium, take gelatin. Every morning take a glass of milk or fruit juice and mix in two tablespoons of powdered gelatin. After two months, you will find definitive improvement in your nails. In addition apply some iodine with a stick wrapped in cotton-wool along the cuticles and under the tips of the nails daily to strengthen them.

11. Olive Oil and Lime for Beautiful Nails

Every week, give your nails an oil bath. Take a little warm olive oil and put in it two squeezed out lime halves. Dig your mails in the halves and let them remain thus for about five minutes before washing them with soap and water.

Lemon and Oilve oil for nails

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12. Manicure at Home

A weekly manicure is a must if you want your nails to set off the loveliness of your hands. Before starting your manicure, assemble together the following items : a packet of emery boards (because they are less liable to damage the nails), cotton-wool, a bottle of cuticle remover cream, a bottle of acetone or nail paint remover for removing old nail polish and a bottle of your favorite shade of nail paint (of-course!). Place all items on a tray as well as a bowl of warm soapy water and a small hand towel. Then :

  • Remove any old polish with acetone.
  • Shape your nails with the emery board working from the outer corner of the nail to the center.
  • Soak hands in soapy water and dry with the towel.
  • Massage the cuticle cream into your hands. Wrap the tip of a toothpick with a little cotton-wool and soak it in cuticle remover, gently work this round the base of the nails pressing the cuticle back and removing dead cuticle as you go.
  • Now apply the base coat. The easiest way is to make a dab in the center of the nail, outline a half-moon with one stroke of the brush, then fill in the whole nail. Wipe tip of each newly polished nail carefully with a piece of cotton-wool to leave a hairline free of polish so that it would not chip easily.
  • Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying the second coat. When the second coat is completely dry apply one tablespoon top-of-milk blended with a few drops of lime juice and your favorite cologne on your hands and wrists and then wash off with soap and water after a few minutes.

Beautiful Nails and Hands

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