5 Homemade Beauty Products : DIY

Many of us have never stopped to consider the ingredients in our cosmetic products and how they might be affecting our overall health. With so many chemicals in store bought cosmetics, it’s nice to have a few natural homemade beauty products as alternatives and know exactly what goes into them…plus they don’t come with a price tag! Forget the beauty salon and those branded products and get some guilt-free pampering with these 5 easy DIY natural beauty products that can be made at home with easily available ingredients. Take a look through at these 5 essential homemade products with steps on how to make beauty products :


1. Homemade Hair Oil

Scrape a fresh coconut and grind it to a smooth paste. Squeeze out the milk without using water. Place the juice over a gentle fire and boil it for a few hours till the oil floats to the top, leaving a dark brown residue at the bottom. Remove from fire, cool and strain through a fine cloth. Add any floral essence to this oil and then bottle. This oil is used extensively by the women of Kerala who are known for their long and lustrous hair.

Homemade Beauty Products - Coconut Oil DIY

Image Source : Thezoereport.com

2. Homemade Eyeliner Kajal

Make your own eyeliner kajal. Fill a clean, sterilized copper, steel or silver diya (receptacle) with pure oil or ghee. Make a wick from sterilized cotton and soak it in oil. Light the wick and keep a scrupulously clean copper vessel inverted over the top of the flame about one-third of an inch away from the burning wick. When the oil has been exhausted in the diya, remove the inverted vessel and you will find a thick black coating on the vessel. Scrape and powder this well and mix it with a few drops of castor oil to form a thick paste. Place this in an air tight container. This home-made liner keeps the eyes cool and puts a sparkle in them.

Homemade Beauty Products - Homemade Eyeliner Kajal

Image Source : Makeupandbeautyhome.com

3. Homemade Wax

Do you want smooth arms and legs? If so, make this wax at home. Take 250 grams of sugar and squeeze in the strained juice of six large limes. Cook the mixture over a gentle fire till it turns light brown and sticky. Remove from fire and mix in one tablespoon of glycerine and store in an airtight bottle. Use when required. If in the hot season this wax turns thin, place it either in the fridge or a bowl of ice till it gets back to the right consistency. If in the cold season it becomes thicker keep the jar for a couple of minutes in hot water.

Homemade Beauty Products - Homemade Hair Removal Wax

Image Source : Beautylish.com

4. Homemade Perfume

Make your own scent! Take some sweet smelling flowers, a wide-mouthed jar, a little fine salt and olive oil and cotton wool. Cut the cotton wool in small bits to fit into the jar. Gather the flowers early in the morning when they are fresh. Separate the petals of flowers and sprinkle on them salt, crushing them a little. Soak the cotton wool pieces nicely. Now place a thick layer of petals at the bottom of the jar and cover with an oil-soaked piece of cotton wool. In this way, go on making layers of petals with cotton-wool in between, till all the petals have been used. Then cover the mouth of the jar tightly. Place the jar in hot sun for 14 days. Remove the lid and squeeze out the perfume from the cotton wool in a clean, sterilized bottle with a tight-fitting lid and use when required. You can make a perfume of any flower you like this way. This homemade perfume will keep you fresh and fragrant. It also checks perspiration.

Homemade Beauty Products - Homemade Perfume

Image Source : Zedomax.com

5. Homemade Lip Scrub or Lip Exfoliator

Take half a bowl of brown sugar with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Mix the two and add a few drops of honey as well as an essential oil of your choice. You can also use white sugar and olive oil if you want!

Homemade Beauty Products - Homemade Lip Scrub

Image Source : Dreamingreengirl.com

We will adding more to this list of homemade DIY body products including everything from easy-to-make shampoo, to luxurious body lotion and an all-natural mascara so that you can take care of both your skin, your hair and your make-up. So, stay tuned for more homemade beauty products! 😀


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