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Living Room

Lights, Cane, Action.. Indian theme is quite popular, all over the world. The way we Indians, understand understated aesthetics and the way we can play with colors, kitsch and mirrors, is a talent. The home decor differs from region to region, inter-state, sometimes even every ten kilometers. Every state boasts of an unique distinct pattern of designing their homes. Home is where our heart is, and ours is way too much fun. So, here we are, giving you six simple tips on living room designs to jazz up your living room and add that subtle ‘Desi’ touch to your haven!

1. Cane Furniture for Indian Living Room 

Be it lamps or an armchair, Cane just adds a bit of comfort to your house. They look simple yet ethnic and classy. Cane furniture is light weight and sturdy. It adds a bit of neutrality to the overall decor. Cane gels well with almost anything and is a perfect addition for a traditional Indian living room design. A small cane center table would look amazing with a pair of armchairs. The best thing about cane is that you can choose to color it or keep it as it is. The shade is completely your choice. The neutral the shade, the better it is. Cane fruit baskets are also an easier option.

Cane Furniture for Living Room

Image Source : Instagram

Cane Furniture for Living Room

Image Source : Pinterest

2. Opt for Neutral Colors 

Paint your living room in light colors like white, cream and neutrals. Light colors open up a room and make it look bigger than it actually is. They make living room more spacious, bright and inviting. It’s important to use the same color family to paint the trim, doors, windows and the ceiling of the living room. This will provide an uninterrupted view of the room. Choose to paint the trim in one shade dark one shade darker and one shade lighter on the ceiling.

Living Room Painted in Neutral Colors and Dark Trims

Image Source : Pinterest

3. Lights and Candles 

Always remember to keep the living room well lit. Nothing better than a classy chandelier or vintage lamps. Diyas also add a good amount of positivity to the room. You can make the candle a center-piece, for the center table. Be sure to choose the candle in a contrasting color!

Diyas for Traditional Indian Living Rooms

Image Source : Pinterest

4. Cage Lights for Living Room Interiors 

Cage with lights can make any corner of the house, lit up. You can paint a colorful cage and add lights, add colorful paper cuttings to make even more interesting! They look charming at the dark corners, even balcony! You can even buy the normal cages, which you get for pets and color them yourselves. You can use them outdoor or indoor, according to your preference. Cage lights is an alternative for the living room chandeliers. White cage lights look pristine!

Cage Lights for Living Room

Image Source : Pinterest

Candle Holders, Mini decorative metal bird cage for living room interiors decor

Image Source : Instagram

3. Carpets for Living Room 

If you want to change the look of your living room in an instant, then just re-do the carpet! A carpet oozes comfort and adds class to your living room! Shaggy rugs look great with modern decor and the traditional India carpets look great with Indian decor. You can even opt for desi carpets with the modern interiors to give a fusion look to your Indian style living room.

Carpets for Living Room

Image Source : Pinterest

4. Kitsch Curtains for Living Room

Jaipur mirror work or Embroidered wall hangings from Pipli, Orissa. Everybody has their own favorite. It is very real to be attached to your roots and what better way to decorate your house. I make sure to add a lot of local art pieces and fabrics to my curtains. A traditional Indian printed fabrics double up as excellent curtains. You can use your sheer lehariya fabric to jazz up the windows. The key to a beautiful living room is striking a balance between colors and comfort.

Kitsch Curtains for Living Rooms

Image Source : Pinterest

5. Cushions and Pouffes 

There are beautiful printed ottomans available these days, with bollywood scenes and dialogues printed across them. They look amazing! Throw in a few Indian cushion covers and your living room is going to look unique, that’s for sure. Embroidered duvet covers and table covers with mirror work, stand out and make the living rooms look super cozy.

Cushions for Living Room

Image Source : Pinterest

6. Wall Decals

From Ganesha to Krishna to Om and even dancing girl silhouettes, wall decals come in a varied range. They do not spoil the walls and are temporary and add a great touch to the interior for living room for Indian homes..


Image Source : Pinterest

Wall Decal for Indian Living Rooms

Image Source : Instagram

Wall Decals for Indian Living Rooms

Image Source : Instagram

7. Pottery

Colorful handmade vase and diyas are the quickest option to change the look of the house. After all home is where the heart is and according to me, home should be full of happy things! There are some regions in India, still, very famous for their pottery! Floor vase and table vases are interesting options for a classy living room.

blue pottery for living room decor

Image Source : Instagram

Hope these tips on Living Room Designs for Indian Homes helps in adding that magic to yours! Go for contrasting colors and just see the difference! Do think of us, when people come over and compliment you!

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