8 Stylish Sofa Designs for Indian Homes

sofa designs

We all will agree that summers make us lazy, that we could spend all day lying around on our comfortable sofas and do absolutely nothing in these vacations. This gives us a very strong point on selecting the most amazing sofa for our living room 😉 Sofa sets being the highlight of every living room, play an essential role in bringing people closer especially when your relatives come over. Entire family sitting around, chit-chatting and spending some nice quality time while enjoying the delights of sofa in a living room. Therefore, we bring to you some of the greatest sofa designs to beautify our Indian home

1. Colorful Sofa Designs for Indian Homes

Colors always add warmth and energy and when it comes to the most social part of your house, you must put extra attention in creating a warm ambiance. Acrylic sofas and other brightening ones, do cheer everyone up while lighting up the room.

Sofa Designs for Your Living Room

Colorful Sofa Designs

Image Source: pinterest.com

2. Sofa Designs in Unique Shapes

One in the shape of bathtub too. We have designer sofas in all shapes and sizes which makes it even easier for us to furnish our homes in style. Most importantly, with these sofa designs, you won’t have to deal with wrinkled skin. What a great way to re-purpose various unique shapes. Comfortable yet stylish! Bringing the boldness in your taste of furniture.

Sofa Designs

Image Source: home-designing.com

3. Modern Geometry of Sofa Designs

L-shaped: A classic piece of furniture with an expanded chaise to stretch out on. What more can one ask for 😀

L - Shaped Sofa Designs

Image Source: dekorstore.net

Semi circles: Have you ever been in one of the situations wherein you get to be on the seat which doesn’t allow you to speak to everyone present? Well, these designer sofas are perfect fix for that as they bring everyone closer in a nice and classy way.

Semi Circle Sofa Designs

Image Source: pinterest.com

Sofa Designs for living Room

Image Source: designtrends.com

4. The Unconventional Fabric Sofa Sets

A total classic 21st century upgrade to sofa designs! Fabric sofa sets are a charming addition to your space. Mix and match one, two and three seater fabric sofas to suit your living space to strike the perfect balance between old-world and contemporary.

Sofa Designs

Image Source: urbanladder.com

5. Wooden Sofa Sets

Contemporary silhouette of these sofas give your living room a clean and light look. Beautifully crafted wooden designs for your sofa sets are perfect way to spell ‘class apart’. They go well in your patio, balcony or bedrooms. Wooden sofas upholstered with bright colored fabrics are a perfect choice to add to your modern dĂ©cor.

Vintage Sofa Designs for Indian Homes

Image Source: dekorstore.net

6. Leatherette Sofa Sets for Indian Homes

Add charm to your modern decor with leatherette sofas . Stylish and durable, leatherette sofas are sure to lend a luxurious look to your home. Go for the one that goes well with rest of your living room.

Sofa Designs for Indian Homes

Sofa Designs

Image Source: urbanladder.com

7. Vintage Designs for Your Sofa Sets

Amongst all the eras that the world has been a part of, it is the time during the 1920’s to the 1960’s that may be the most popular of all. Truly extravagant! So does this era’s style of furniture.


Image Source: pinterest.com

8. Sofa cum Beds for Your Living Room

Sit up, lean back or lie down. These are the most comfortable options to have in your living room. Plus point- they make your living room even more spacious while adding oodles of charm and comfort to it.

Sofa cum Bed Designs

Image Source: urbanladder.com

Next time you are decorating or furnishing your house, do keep these sofa designs in kind and get some catalogs handy too!

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