8 Modern Kitchen Designs for Indian Homes

kitchen designs

All the best parties end in the kitchen, why not- it’s an Indian kitchen after all with delicious and spicy food and oh-so-yummy midnight snacks 😉

Today an enormous amount of time is spent in designing the kitchens, with all the trendy updates for this integral part of our home. An extensive range of contemporary kitchen designs are available in numerous sizes, colors and shapes. For such a healthy and hearty kitchen we serve you good, systematic and organized kitchen designs.

1. Modular Kitchen Designs

Kitchens becoming compact and detachable with whole new range of efficient equipment being available in the market. So to make kitchens easy-to-work-in and to meet our daily needs, requirements, tastes, amount and types of cooking, modular sets of kitchen are perfect. Self-customized, with flexible operation, these are solution to modern day living.

Kitchen Designs

Image Source: homefuly.com

2. Kitchen Designs with Cabinets and Drawers on Counter Top

Open racks, shelf’s, trays on the counter top ensure smooth and uninterrupted working in the kitchen. When all of your necessary ingredients are kept in front of your eyes, at the top, in an organized manner, cooking would yield much more faster and delectable results.

Kitchen Designs with Cabinets and Drawers on Counter Top

Image Source:ghar360.com

3. L-shaped Kitchen Designs

With more and more studio-style living, an L-shape kitchen is becoming a convenient and popular option. It not only provides a continuous working platform but also adds a corner space to the kitchen which can be utilized by high – end fittings available with us. Wooden designs in the kitchen are catching up these days as it helps to create a feeling of warmth and elegance.

L-shaped Kitchen Designs

Image Source: pinterest.com

4. U-Shaped Kitchen Designs

Ones in the U-shape can accommodate most of the required kitchen appliances and also give ample space for wall cabinets. These are the more spacious options than mentioned before.

U-Shaped Kitchen Designs

Image Source: pinterest.com

5. Open Kitchen Designs

These designs for kitchen work best for interaction and excitement while cooking. You could watch the television from your living room or even chat with our friends who are sitting outside. They have an opening towards one of your rooms in the house, mostly the living room.

Open Kitchen Designs - Modular Kitchen Designs

Image Source: pinterest.com

6. En route Vintage for Kitchen Designs

Old world elegance is all set to meet today’s contemporary space requirements with vintage designs for kitchen in urban areas. These are the classic update to the conventional designs.

Vintage Kitchen Designs

Image Source: pinterest.com

7. Island Designs for Kitchen

An interesting concept that adds workspace in the kitchen which can also be used as a dining area. With much more space available, you can utilize it by putting tables and chairs for quick service of cooked food to your family. This also makes moving around in the kitchen easy, and at the same time allows interaction with family or guests. Jackpot 😀

Kitchen Designs

Image Source: pinterest.com

Best Kitchen Designs

Image Source: pinterest.com

8. Two Walled Kitchens

With two long parallel working areas, one could be used for washing and cooking, whereas the other as an additional workspace for keeping appliances. This is definitely an efficient and friendly version of a kitchen.

Best Kitchen Designs

Image Source: pinterest.com

With multiple options available and experts who are readily available to serve you at your doorstep, you won’t have any difficulty in re-decorating or setting your kitchen. Acche din finally 😉

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