4 Trending Styles of Indian Themed Bedroom

4 Trending Styles of Indian Themed Bedroom

Imagination plays a pivotal role where India is the prevalent subject of discussion. A dream like picture is often created in the minds of those that haven’t had the opportunity to grace the country in person. A land of spices, an array of colors, tradition, textile, religion and architecture, all of them lend a hand in translating a bigger identity. Embarking on the lines of our roots, the trending watchword is interior design for bedrooms in India. Be it the usage of textile or a minimalist approach, the Indian themed bedroom, percolates directly from our heritage.

1. The Heritage Way


Royal Indian Traditional Bedroom

Image Source : Benedetina.blogspot.com

Classic Traditional Heritage Royal Indian Themed Bedroom

Image Source : Furniturevictorian.com

Rich Indian Tapestry and opulence of the finest wood marrying into a very tasteful color palette are few highlights of taking the heritage path to an Indian themed bedroom.Excess is well managed within the interiors. The decor has a very distinct old world charm to it. Craftsmanship has never been more skillful. Go the Heritage way, if you have a love for all things Indian, refined and polished.

2. Quirky and Modern


Quirky Indian Themed Bedroom Designs

Image Source : Pinterest.com

The youth of today are inspired by cherishing their roots in a more relate-able and playful manner. This aspect is witnessed in interior design for bedrooms in India. Color blocking, color bombing and fresh take on Indian prints and motifs are the few essentials of a quirky and modern Indian style bedroom. Modern design combined with traditional forms of art is the buzzword for bedroom interiors in India. Bring back your youth and make living more lively.

3. Minimal Chic Indian Themed Bedroom

Minimal Indian Themed Bedroom

Image Source : inspirationforhome.blogspot.com

Elements of the rural Indian Village come to life with a minimal Indian themed bedroom. Minimal here is a love for going earthy as much as staying true to ones roots. Glimpses of jute, clay, hand-loom textile, block print all culminated in a very graceful get together pave way for the minimal chic decor.

4. Color Bombed

Indian Themed Bedroom Interior

Image Source : Archh.com

The Indian affair with colors is a known aspect far and wide. This love is translated into their artistic abilities with excellence. When in comes to design and decor for homes, a multiple number of options emerge. The most coveted ones are listed below.

  1. The block printed craft and textile patchwork of Rajasthan and Gujarat.
  2. The hand-loom culture of the eastern and southern states of India
  3. Embroideries from around the country.


At the end of a day after much toil, one truly needs to be surrounded in things that not only calm the mind but makes you feel good. Interiors of an Indian bedroom allow you to take a plunge in history or be rural. Either ways there are innumerable Indian bedroom themes that are waiting to be explored. Come give your life a little stir and bring your imagination to life. Travel around the country and immerse in the magnificence of creative genius. Wood work or textile art, carving or molding, your bedroom interiors can always find an Indian inspiration. Enrich your abode of rest with a little more life and make living joyful. Explore and play around with Indian themed bedroom ideas and share them with us.

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