Lara Dutta Looks as Cute as Ever in this Dolly J Gown!

Imagine your perfect prom dress! Imagine that in pink. Imagine Lara Dutta wearing it and Ta da!! Here you have it. Lara Dutta’s latest short hair do is so chic! It’s like every girls’ dream hairstyle in summer! It looks like Lara has lost a lot of weight post SIngh is King. She is all geared up for her upcoming movie, Azhar and she plays the role of a lawyer. The gown, itself is a very pretty number. Aishwarya also wore a similar pink gown by Aiisha Ramadan. I like Lara’s styling a little better as she kept it very fresh and subtle! She is wearing Anmol J jewelry.

Lara Dutta in Dolly J and Anmol J

Lara Dutta in Dolly J and Anmol J

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