10 Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments : Checklist to Dazzle on Your Wedding Day!

It is a well known fact that to create a great piece of painting, the canvas must always be clean and clear. The same logic applies to all the anticipating brides out there, who’d want to feel like the most beautiful princess in the world on their “D-day”! Pre-bridal beauty treatments are a route to achieving your clear canvas and it is absolutely essential that you get all of them done by reliable and experienced professionals only. With the skin and spa industry growing in leaps and bounds, there is no limit to the number of beauty treatments that are out there in the beauty market. And this never ending list of, most often than not, unnecessary options elicits bewilderment and budget fears for a to-be bride! But worry not dearies, for Violet Street has comprised an awesome checklist of most requisite pre-bridal beauty treatments, that will get you set for your wedding events just the way you picturized yourself to be, without going over the top with chemically infused and completely unheard of services! After all, less is often more!

10 Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments

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Before starting-off, we’d like to remind all the brides to-be that the foremost step to achieving a flawless complexion for your wedding events starts from within. You need to stay hydrated by drinking 6-8 glasses of water, consume plenty of fruits and vegetables and workout for atleast half an hour everyday to look at your radiant best on stage with your life partner!

Done with the basics? Let’s move on!


1. Hair Spa – Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments

hair spa, pre-bridal beauty treatments

If you are a fan of Disney stories, you would know that one thing common among all the princesses: their breathtaking tresses! To sport luscious and healthy hair, You could either opt for permanent straightening (the effect of which usually last from 6-8 months) or go for a luxurious hair pampering a day before the wedding events commence. The latter usually includes: hot oil treatment/deep conditioning, thorough hair rinsing, blow drying and leave-in conditioning. A hair spa helps in rejuvenating your hair and makes them appear shiny and soft.

For the former option, make sure you get it done atleast a month before your events so that you can get time to adjust with your new hair.


2. Hair Coloring – Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments


Marriage is the beginning of a new life for any woman. And what better way to signify that other than by getting a new hair color? Also, the daily stress and pollution has made pre-mature greying of hair very common. If you are one of them, don’t worry, you can easily camouflage them with your favorite color. Get an expert’s advice in getting the right shade.


3. Full Body Waxing – Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments

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Waxing is the most important step towards attaining a clear and smooth body for your wedding! The effect of a full body wax lasts from anywhere between 4-7 weeks depending upon your hair growth. Waxing not only helps in eradicating hair, but also removes body tan There are several types of waxing options, some of them are: honey, chocolate, aloe vera and orange.


4. Body Polishing – Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments


Body Polishing has been trending for quite some time now. It is basically like a facial for your entire body, which includes: cleansing your entire body, scrubbing, massaging, applying a pack and moisturizing. Body polishing lends extra shine to your body so that you can glow throughout your honeymoon period. The effect usually lasts for about a month, depending upon your exposure to pollution.


5. Threading – Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments


Indian women are known for their beautiful eyes and thick eyebrows. But no one likes stray eyebrows on their wedding day. And the heavy lipstick and makeup will only emphasize your upper-lip hair if you have any. So keep these two extremely imperative beauty procedures in mind during your pre-bridal preparation! Get them done 2-3 days before your ceremony.


6. Manicure – Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments


Make your groom hold your fingers a few seconds longer after slipping the wedding ring in your finger. There are many types of manicures to consider from. The most popular are: Basic, French, Reverse French, Hot Stone and Gel!


7. Pedicure – Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments


Step into your new world with shiny nails and smooth hair! A pedicure, apart from polishing your feet, helps in relieving stress! Indian weddings involve a lot of activities where your feet are in focus, so make sure they are given just as much importance as the rest of your body.


8. Facials – Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments



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Facials are the most popular pre-bridal beauty treatment! On the basis of your skin, there are several types of facials. Make sure you discuss your skin type and other skin sensitivities with your beautician before zeroing in on one.


9. Peels – Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments


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Chemical peels are optional. If you suffer from severe acne or discolorations, then peels are mostly your only solution. However, you have to get it done only by a dermatologist as they would know better what type of peel, their concentration and sessions would be apt for you. Consulting a dermo 2-3 months before the wedding would be best.

Never attempt using chemical peels at home as it may cause facial scarring and burns if done improperly.


10. Teeth Whitening – Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments


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If you are conscious of your yellow or discolored teeth, then you can go for teeth whitening treatments. Try consulting a dentist at least weeks prior your wedding date as a lot of the dental treatments would temporarily curb your from eating sweets and too hot or too cold food items.


Remember, what ultimately permeates everyone’s heart about the bride is her wide and radiant smile! So forget the wedding jitters, raise your chin up and give your best smile to the world to show how happy you are!

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