9 Bridal Nose Ring Designs Suited for Different Face Types

Admit it that women go weak on their knees when it’s about nose rings. While there’s one for each occasion and personality type or shall we say each of the nose rings impart a distinct look based on your face shape and persona, bridal nose ring designs on the other hand are the most popular in India and extremely special for the weddings. It can transform an ordinary look to downright sexy or simply impart that traditional look for the brides. So, here we have some tips on bridal nose ring designs or nath designs as per face shape…

1. Classic Diamond Studs and Laung Bridal Nose Ring Designs

If you have heard the popular song “Laung Da Vacha” you would know that Laung is a type of nose stud flaunted by many of the North Indian women. It’s usually made of gold or silver and embellished with diamonds. Although you may largely notice brides flaunting large nathnis, but diamond studded laungs look classy when complemented with other heavy jewelry. Classic diamond studs or laungs are perfect for any face type or nose shape and uplifts a simple look in minutes.

Classic nose stud - Bridal Nose Ring Designs

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1QhQUJX & http://bit.ly/1VIK40e

2. Beaded Nathanis for Marathi Brides

Inspired from the cashew nut shape, the beaded nathanis are flaunted by the Marathi brides and are known across India. Made of mostly pearl, stones and beads these nathanis simply uplift the beauty of the bride in minutes and best suit women with sharp nose and round face.

Marathi Brides nose stud - Bridal Nose Ring Designs

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1Uo9kuv & http://bit.ly/1S5CZba

3. Large Rings with Beaded or Metal Chain

Give your entire bridal look a royal touch instantly with those large bridal naths with beaded or metal chain and you will have all eyes only on you. Bollywood has been the primary source of inspiration for these kinds of nathnis with most of our top actresses flaunting these from time to time. Large nathnis with chain look best on heart shaped faces.

Long Nose chain - Bridal Nose Ring Designs

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1S5DulF & http://bit.ly/1QKhnlt

4. Studded/Beaded Hoops

If you want to do away with those chains that may make it discomforting, you can bedeck your nose with those large studded hoops or the ones beaded with Kundan. We simply loved Sonam’s beaded hoops look at the Cannes. So complement your heavy make up with a large studded hoop nose ring that best fits a long face with long nose.

Studded Hoops - Bridal Nose Ring Designs

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1TCT6N6 & http://bit.ly/1QhQUJX

5. Embellished Chain Nose Ring Designs

If you are a Punjabi bride we expect that you will go for the heavier look with highly embellished chain nose rings. But, who stopped you to make a statement with those heavily decorated chain nose rings a Punjabi bride? These beauties look perfect on brides with sharp nose and oval face.

Embellished Nose Rings - Bridal Nose Ring Designs

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/20Zc0OM & http://bit.ly/1n1ev5Y

6. Latkan

Mostly worn in North India, Latkan is a decorated chain like nose ring that extends till the hair and hooks up to it. It’s a pretty adornment that more resembles a charm bracelet, and suits oval or heart shaped faces perfectly.

Latkan ring - Bridal Nose Ring Designs

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1R6Lf5N & http://bit.ly/1R6LjTa

7. Spoked Nose Naths

Spooky it may sound, but they really look good on long faces with long noses. These ornaments belong to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, round in shape with a streak of spokes placed next to each other running along the rim. It falls on the mouth and covers a significant portion of it.

Spoke Nose Rings - Bridal Nose Ring Designs

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1oEn33R & http://bit.ly/1OA0Clu

8. Pullaku

Worn on the lower part of the nose or the septum, the Pullakus are a traditional form of small nose rings that are available in various shapes and sizes. You can either wear it solo or in conjunction with other nose pin, it’s entirely your choice. Balance it with a heavy mang-tikka, and other jewelry to finish the look. The Pullaku adorns round faces the most.

Pullaku ring - Bridal Nose Ring Designs

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1WNvKUt & http://bit.ly/1Rsqfcr

9. Mukhuttis

If you are a bride from Goa or the Konkan, you must be well aware of the regionally popular Mukhuttis. These teeny nose pins are light weight and resemble those half-loop studded nose rings which look best on small nose and oval faces.

Mukkuttis - Bridal Nose Ring Designs

Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/1R6LEW5 & http://bit.ly/1TCT6N6

So whether a large beaded nose ring for that royal look or a subdued look with the “laung”, choose one according to your face type and flaunt your sensuality with those hot nose ring designs.

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