Top 5 Messy Hairstyles: Beauty in Utter Mess

Are you one of those ladies who hates spending an hour or more daily in front of the mirror, trying to tuck every strand of hair in its place to look presentable? Well, then you must taken a great rejoice in the fact that the latest hairstyle, right from starry red carpets to an office chic look, messy hairstyles are absolutely everywhere (no pun intended)! Messy hairstyles are great for fast-paced women who want to accomplish the task of looking sleek yet reaching the workplace on time. Also, they render effortlessly look vibes to your wardrobe without shelling out a lot of money! Some of the basic accessories required to ace this look would be a black elastic band, U-pins, Bobby Pins and a wide tooth comb to tease the edges.


Top 5 Messy Hairstyles

Now all you need to do is roll back your hair in whichever style you want and rock the hairstyle game with some of most popular messy hairstyles round about below!


Messy Buns

Top 5 Messy Hairstyles - Messy Buns

Top 5 Messy Hairstyles

Image Courtesy: Beauty Glimpse

Messy Buns : Messy Hairstyles


Image Courtesy: Kalazone, Fashion Pro

We all love and have worn a random messy bun at least a few several times . They are low maintenance and require just a black elastic band and loads of fun!


Messy Braids

Top 5 Messy Hairstyles - Alia Bhat Messy Braid

Image Courtesy: Fashion Lady

Top 5 Messy Hairstyles - Bollywood Style

The latest go-to hairstyle for every college goer, messy braids make you feel light and energetic! The best part? You can look chic in ethnic wear by tying your hair in messy braid and completing the look with a saree ensemble.


Messy Hairstyles with Side & Top Knot

Top 5 Messy Hairstyles - Side Messy Buns

Top 5 Messy Hairstyles - Tops Knots!


The Top knot is the trendiest of the buns at the moment, owing to their high comfort level and an passage for air on the neck area during summers! They are best suited for busy mums or women on their morning jogs wanting to step out in style! A side bun is meant for fancy and sophisticated events when you want to look at your feminine best! Pro tip: where loads of mascara for an added affect of daintiness!


Messy Bobs

Top 5 Messy Hairstyles

Messy bob hairstyles are probably the most convenient of the list! With more and more Indian women opting for shorter tresses, messy bobs is their first choice for a glam chic look! The best part about this hairstyle is the playfulness it lends you, making you free to experiment with whatever your mood commands. As this haircut is bold, you could pair coral eyeshades and pair of distressed jeans, completing the look with some bulky bracelets.


Messy Hairstyles for Brides : Bridal Love

Top 5 Messy Hairstyles

Top 5 Messy Hairstyles

Image Courtesy: The Daily India

Gone are the days when brides in India were supposed to look straight at the ground, weighed down by their ghunghat and never ending heavy garlands! Now a bride’s main focus is her hairstyle that is sleek yet screams groove! The ghunghat is just an accessory, meant to raise their bar in ethnic fashion. The bridal hairstyle in highest demand this season? A half updo messy hair! Wear a heavy tika and a nose rose to complete the look!


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