Sonam Kapoor Hairstyles: Complementing Her Ethnic Look

When you are on a fashion blog, know for sure that you’d stumble upon AT LEAST one post dedicated to the ultimate fashionista of Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor! She is simply dressed to kill right from her head to toe! And today we are going to have a look at some of the best of Sonam Kapoor hairstyles, that made us go ga-ga over her!


The Demure Bun

sonam kapoor hairstyles, saree, bun with twisted sides

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Be it a sizzling mini or a traditional saree, Sonam knows how to carry herself with utmost grace! Here she has worn a bun with side twists to complete her south Indian look. A lovely jasmine garland tied to her hair as an accessory adds even more femininity to her.

She kept her neck bare here and wore only a pair of jhumkas.


The Royal Princess

sonam kapoor hairstyles, soft wavy hair

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Sonam Kapoor has all the qualities to be an Indian princess! And she proves it so with her lovely hairstyle, featuring soft waves and double twists on either side of the partition.

The turquoise color does justice to her gorgeous complexion and when combined with the heavy jewelries, I won’t be surprised if a foreigner actually mistakes her for an Indian royalty!


The Smokin’ Hot One 

fish braid, sonam kapoor hairstyles

Image Courtesy: Glam Sham

Ms. Kapoor wears a fish braid while walking for a ramp show! This hairstyle was essential to complete her fierce and sexy ethnic look, which she completed with a navel piercing, keeping everything else simple. A hot red lipstick completed her look.


Beauty in Chaos

messy bun, sonam kapoor hairstyles, greek goddess!

Image Courtesy: BeautifulHumesha

We all know Sonam Kapoor is a daddy’s little brat! And here is a perfect rendition of it: pitch dark outfit with chunky jewelry! Although what really catches our attention is the uber-chic messy bun! Hands-down one of the best Sonam Kapoor hairstyles!
She rounds up the look with neutral lips and heavy kohl.


Elegance Pesonified

half-updo, sonam kapoor hairstyles

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Sonam Kapoor looks at her feminine best in a white floral embroidered saree and a half-updo bun! The white cat just adds even more adorbs quotient to this picture!


Vintage Charm

Sonam Kapoor Hairstyles

Image Courtesy: Glam Check

Sonam Kapoor is seen in a classic bun with side bangs for the Film Fare Awards! She reminds of the 70’s hairstyles here.


Sigh. She is just too perfect! You can amp up your hair game too with some of the best designer hair accessories available on Violet Street!


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