Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women : Gift Your Woman a Watch this Valentine!

February for most of us is all about V-Day- what to wear, where to go and most importantly what to gift? A special occasion calls for something stylish and Valentine’s Day is no exception. It’s all about bringing sparkle to the most romantic day of the year with accessorizing styles worthy of date night- however you are planning to spend it. While we are at bringing sparkle to our loved ones, we must shy away from the most stunning watches, riding up just one arm- ready to style your beloved for love. And when it’s the day of showering her with all your affection and attention, why not splurge for a day and get her the most expensive watch. So this valentine’s, celebrate by showing your special someone just how much you adore them- spoil your queen with the deliciously lust-worthy watches. We bring you the best brands for you to get your lady their decadent timepiece from, ‘coz that will definitely turn out to be a winning combo for you 😀 So, here’s some fodder to the romantic souls for their insatiable appetites to make their valentines feel like the special one. The list of the most expensive watch brands for women is ‘swoon-worthy’ positive!

  1. Jaeger-Lecoultre

Rendez-Vous Moon by this expensive brand will sweep her off her feet. Her time will be truly transformed when she will see the moon phase display on the dial. Joallerie 101 art deco watch is another one which will definitely melt her heart and give the perfect ending to your valentine’s week <3 Its elegance and femininity casts the spell.

The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women - Jaeger-Lecoultre

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The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women

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This brand’s reverso collection is also worth looking for!!!

The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women

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The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women

  1. Omega

With its innovative collection, OMEGA has already won many hearts. We have already seen this masterpiece in many of The James Bond Franchise ‘coz this is simply exquisite.

The Globemaster and its captivating design makes it an object of desire so why not gift it to the most desirable woman of your life. Constellation is another masterpiece that will beautify her hands even more 😉

The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women - Omega

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The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women - Nicole-kidman-omega-vintage-watch-cannes

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  1. RADO

DiaMaster with diamonds, with sapphire crystal will definitely make her day.

The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women - Rado

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  1. Baume & Mercier

Clifton automatic would be a good choice and even Promesse which is polished and satin-finished two-tone steel and red gold-plated steel. Also, accented by gilt Roman numerals is its silver-colored “drapé guilloché” dial.

The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women - Baume & Mercier

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Flamingo Valentine or T-LADY T072, which features a rose-gold, PVD case, brown MOP dial surrounded by mother-of-pearl and a two-tone bracelet.

Deepika Padukone was seen with T-evocation watch by this intrinsic brand and she was nothing less than a Wrist Taker!!!

The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women - Tissot

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  1. Breguet

Reine de Naples Haute Joaillerie 8909 or Rêve de Plume Haute Joailleriethese beauty with moon-phase indicators, in natural mother-of-pearl is completely mesmerizing.

Rêve de Plume (Dream of a Feather) is vintage <3

The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women - Breguet

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  1. Audemars Piguet

There are exceptions to every rule! Showroom to be located in South Ex. Its Royal oak self-winding chronograph watch is definitely an exception that rules the wrists of many Hollywood celebrities.

The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women - Audemars Piguet

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Its New rose gold daytime watch is a complete trendsetter. If mixed together with lots of bangles and chains and with lots of sparkle, you are all set for the extra glamour and intrigue.

Swarovski for samsung collection- “One of the key aspects in this wearable device is that with her own taste and style, she will be tech-friendly too”.

The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women - Swarovski

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With their special couple collection, they are the most preferred when it comes to hitting the shops for buying out gifts.

The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women - Maxima

  1. Rolex

Its ladies’ watches are entirely dedicated to contemporary women and featuring a variety of styles and models across all its collections.

Datejust ladies watch or Cosmograph Daytona watch, both will cast the much-expected love spell on your girl!

The Most Expensive Watch Brands for Women - Rolex

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A time for love! Let your heart keep time with your sweethearts with these gorgeous watches. You seriously don’t need a better excuse than the day of love to pamper her with galore. It isn’t just for showing you the right time, but also checks that you accessorize right! After B-town celebs adorning and endorsing the expensive brands for watches, it has caught up a trend. This key style statement will make your valentine feel the beauty and elegance on her wrist.

These watches engage in sentiment and high jewelry first. Why should men have all the fun when it comes to timepieces? So, don’t wait any longer to buy one for your valentine this valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s to you <3

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