Fashion Tips for New Moms

Embracing motherhood, living the fresh glow on face and entering the new phase of life… As amazing as this sounds, it also demands your extra time on your post-pregnancy look. To manage to look your perfect self, you need to have a strategy and follow certain tips and tricks. Still, every woman knows there’s a connection between feeling good and looking good. Post-baby your time equals to the lilliput’s time so you’ll get hardly 10 mins every morning to dress up. After having a baby, the trick is to look your best with as little fuss as possible. Fret not, here’s fashion tips for new moms to make you look amazing and enhance your motherhood-glow.

Layering works for New Moms!

A brand-new-mom’s body is in a state of transition that can be tough to dress. But you need not be self-conscious anymore ‘coz you just need the fabric that doesn’t cling to your body and still make you feel hot 😀 P.S., Say no to sweatpants. We get it- they make you feel cozy but they aren’t doing good to your look. Instead go for tailored pants or leggings with loose top.

Fashion Tips for New Moms - Shilpa Shetty

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Hemline & Neckline Need your Focus!

Fashion styles for new moms must definitely account for this tip! No to deep or plunging necklines and yes to a V-neck or scoop neck which elongates the neck region and shows off the right amount of skin. Also, décolletage is very sexy on a new mother!!! Hemlines that hit at or above the knee would be perfect for you but a big no to calf- or mid-calf-lengths.

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Accessorize to update your Look!

Clothing for new moms will be automatically updated with accessorizing. Longer necklaces for elongated illusion around your anatomy, danglers for hogging maximum limelight your face, long & silky scarves for adding pop of color and glamour to your look- use your accessories as tools and as your saviors! The key to looking put-together is the right accessories. Also, those big sunglasses will be oh-so-glamorous for your A-line or wrap dress!!!

P.S Choosing right undergarments is a must too. Opt for nursing bras and nursing tanks to feel more comfortable! Go for shapewear whilst your major occasions. This will smoothen those extra bulges and make you look flatter but ensure the amount of compression from these shapewear!

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Time to ditch the pieces of nine-month trail!

You must definitely keep the flowy, black dress which could be cinched at the waist with a belt and look stylish after pregnancy. Empire-waist tops, wrap dresses can be kept too for a while. Flattering dress for new mom is the one that doesn’t cling to the body and hides the portions that need some workout to be done. Maternity jeans and pencil skirts with adjustable waistbands will make you feel frumpy and bloated so donate them right away to a pregnant pal.

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Tailors will be your go-to person for a while!

It will look better on you if it fits you well. So even when you are investing in that favorite dress or jeans, you can always get them altered!!! Loosely stitched kurtis and leggings are well-stitched for post-pregnancy outings.

Fashion Tips for New Moms - Shilpa Shetty

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When happiness knocks your door, keep our sartorial guide ready! Things change and sometimes not in your favor but make the best of your facial glow ‘coz happiness is truly shining there J It ain’t about compromising on style which we’ve learnt from B-town as well as H-town beauties, but to choose wisely while revamping your wardrobe post-baby!

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