Dresses for Women over 40 : How to Dress for Your 40s!

Ahh…..the gorgeous 40s! No, I am not talking about the 1940s, but the beautiful decades after a woman turns 40. A lot of us may not be too happy with the years, but women, like wine, get better with age. Or at least, that’s what they say, and we as fashionistas believe them. All the graceful years add to their demure charm, those fine lines and few greys make for a great mélange with the wise eyes. So, all the mothers, aunts, teachers, writers, doctors, whoever you are, don’t fret, the glow will always radiate from you and you will always be stunning. And getting to the point, let’s discuss dressing. You know dressing for the 40s with the rule of only saree or salwar. Well, let’s just say they are rules and rules are meant to be broken, the 40s or the 20s. So here are some tips and ideas on dresses for women over 40 to sass up your look and be as stylish as it gets, even when midlife crisis hits.


Long Jacket
Whoever said jackets are formal wear? They can be just as elegant and powerful a statement as the sarees. Paired with a gorgeous gown or an Anarkali, the jacket adds the right amount of swag to an otherwise boring “been there, done that” look. And there is the queen diva Aishwarya Rai herself lending some inspiration in a spectacular Sabyasachi outfit, pairing a breathtaking floor length Anarkali with an embellished long jacket. Swag in the 40s? Ohh yess!

dresses for women over 40 : Long Coat


Button Up Dress
All occasions do not need you reaching for the suits. Try this simple yet eccentric style with the button up dress. And this look does not need the pairing skills of a stylist to look neat and wild. You could just throw on a button up dress, add some chunky jewelry, the wilder the better and do a beach wave hair, in other words, if you have curls, leave them as it is and if you aren’t blessed with it, tie a top knot and sleep, you will wake up with curls! Also, pair the outfit with strappy embellished flats and rock the Indo – Western ethnic.

dresses for women over 40 : Button up dress


Not as risky as it sounds, because not every jumpsuit has to be in florals and pinks. An ethnic chic is always possible with a solid coloured jumpsuit, as you can pair it up with ethnic jewelry and embroidered jacket as our dear Karishma, 40 and gorgeous, is showing us in this Anjali Jani outfit. So don’t think that jumpsuits are only for the college kids, it is not. Choose darker shades to play it safe, but accessorize with some bling and do up the eyes. Also, add a bold clutch and the look is complete and totally stunning.

dresses for women over 40 : Jumpsuit


Skirts are reminders of the time we were all little girls with pigtails and too many dreams. And even though the years have passed and the dreams replaced, the girly innocence of the flowing skirts don’t have to be traded for anything. You can still wear a floor length skirt and pair it up with a complimentary top and let the little girl out. Also, if Kajol’s looks are anything to go by, cinch at the waist too, it adds a lot of definition and that completely works for us. So go ahead, next time you see a pretty skirt, don’t buy it for the niece, buy it for yourself, of course in size tab bit bigger, and pair it up with a statement belt and earrings and you are sure to look just as striking as Kajol in this look.

dresses for women over 40 : Skirt


Floor length Anarkali
The good old Anarkali! No ethnic style is complete without the Anarkali. This long garment has come along from the heavy Persian statement pieces to today’s all white flowing suits. The bonus being that it always adds height and accentuates the shape of the wearer. Embellished and striking they make for a perfect look for Indian occasions, and the toned down, subtle piece is perfect to be cinched at the waist and worn for a day out. Pair with long earrings and a classy clutch for the party wear or throw on a scarf, a pair of sunglasses and an oversized handbag for the day look. Take a cue from the evergreen Sonali Bendre, even in her 40s, the lady glows. And  Anarkali are our friends, forever.

dresses for women over 40 : Floor lenth anarkhali


High Low Kurta
The asymmetric looks are not just for the kids, it is always fun to go experimenting with the hemlines, as long as it suits the whole outfit. And as shown to us by the 40 and beautiful Tisca Chopra, you could always do some complimentary colours and the short hemlines add that extra quirk to an otherwise safe look. Also, the collared neck and dupatta draped as a scarf make the outfit eccentric yet classy. You could pair it with a high updo for the hair and add a pair of danglers with some glittery flats, and if you have huge frames, it will only add flair to the outfit. So the next time around, don’t buy those straight hemlines, go for the zig zag cuts and have fun with your style.

dresses for women over 40 : High low kurta

Hope these dressing tips have given you some ideas on what to wear when you are 40 plus and bored with the monotonous styles. So ladies, go ahead and spice up your style, belief me, it is not as huge an effort as you think.

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