1970s Fashion : Groove Away With the 70’s Fashion!

All the fashion books in the world will tell you the same thing: the inception of wardrobe freedom and creativity in India was the most prominent in the 70’s fashion! It was the era when the women, who were earlier confined just to dupattas and sarees, walked out in minis and over-sized sunglasses in style. It was also the phase which witnessed a huge surge in the hippie and Bohemian culture in our country.
retro bollywood - 1970s fashion

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Most of the trends in the 70’s fashion industry were greatly affected by Bollywood movies. Because the celebrities then were quite literally worshiped by the youngsters (did you know women actually slit their wrists on hearing about Rajesh Khanna’s wedding?), they would pick up any style donned by their favorite actor in their movies. One of the first things that come to a person’s mind when they think of the retro fashion are gaudy and over-sized clothing, voluptuous actresses, kick-ass eye wear and a fair share of both lovely and quirky and boho hairstyles that never failed to make jaw drops! But do you know why the fashion-lovers are so fond of this age’s culture? Because no matter what they wore, the women then were popular for their dollops of confidence, serving a great lesson for all the times to come that a radiant smile and confidence are a woman’s best accessory!

Let’s take a walk down the retro lane and look at some of the biggest trendsetters in the 70’s India:

Polka Dots, The 1970’s Fashion Staple

retro fashion, bollywood, 70s fashion - 1970s fashion

Courtesy Bobby and Dimple Kapadia’s knotted top and skirt, the 70’s fashion in India will be most remembered for ushering in the polka dot trend! Although a lot of other actresses tried wearing it eventually, no one came as close as the ravishing Kapadia’s oomph factor. Right from shirts, pants, skirts and even ribbons, polka dots became extremely widespread, proving to be a wardrobe essential for the ladies then! Here is the modern rendition of the ever-green pattern

retro bollywood polka dots - 1970s fashion


1970’s Hippie and Bohemian Fashion

Bollywood owes Zeenat Aman big time for introducing Indians to the laid-back hippie and Bohemian fashion! Some of the most common outfits under this category were the gaudy sleeveless maxis, bell bottom pants and elaborate accessories.

hippie bohemian, fashion retro - 1970s fashion

bollywood retro - 1970s fashion

And here is how the current Bollywood embraced the fashion:

kareena hippie - 1970s fashion


bohemian bollywood - 1970s fashion


The 1970’s Disco Attires

bollywood disco fashion - 1970s fashion

It was also the age when the promiscuous vamps were easily differentiated from the coy protagonists with the former’s skimpy and tight clothing and loads of eye makeup! Even today our Bollywood cannot completely get over this trend

disco bollywood actress - 1970s fashion


The 1970’s Sarees

No great fashion list is complete without some stellar sarees mentioned in it! The actresses of the 70’s were known for swaying their hips in navel revealing sarees. Right from the simple Shabani Azmi to the glam Mumtaz ones, sarees in the 70’s epitomized grace and femininity!

1970s fashion

And our current ladies also know how to rock the retro saree look very well!

1970s fashion

70's fashion


The 70’s Churidaars

70s fashion churidar - 1970s fashion

70s fashion churidar - 1970s fashion

70's fashion - 1970s fashion


The now almost endangered fashion trend, churidar, was a complete rage in the 70’s! Deep neck, sleeveless top, tight churidar pants with a colorful headband tied on top is the staple ensemble to nail the classic retro look!


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