10 Types of Heels Every Woman Must Own

Shoe trends may keep evolving perpetually, however what is always guaranteed to remain close to a woman’s heart are her heels. You may have already amassed a great deal of them, but we all know too well that there is nothing called “too many heels” for a lady in style! While, apart from the scorching summers, climate change in India is a mere blink and miss; fashionistas still stockpile their closet with shoes for every season and mood. And why not? There is nothing more drooling to see than a woman’s Instagram page packed with an array of vibrant heels in every color and size! They not only aid in adding height, but also make your calves look toned and sexy! To every problem in the world, the solution are your favorite pair of heels. Heels have an ability to make you feel empowered and confident when you are low on spirits, glam up your appearance when your clothes are bland and are a reason to socialize with your friends when you are out window shopping them! So if you are planning to leave your imprint in the fashion world with your exquisite types of heels, we are here to help you streamline the most essential of them so all you have to do after reading this gorgeous range of designer footwear!


1. Pumps

Types of Heels - high heels, pumps

Image Courtesy: Where to Buy

Types of Heels - anushka sharma, deepika padukone, heels, pumps

Pumps are absolutely alluring! The very sight makes a person look on fire! They are typically 4 inches or above and are worn on mini-dresses or pants.So if you are in a mood for something ultra chic and classic, reach out for the nearest pumps!


2. Kitten 

Types of Heels - kitten heels shoes

Image Courtesy: 40PlusStyle

Types of Heels - kitten heels

Image Courtesy: ShoesDaysUK

Types of Heels - kitten heels

Aren’t they adorable? Kitten heels were first popularized by the ever-green beauty, Audrey Hepburn. While they make shorter people look stocky, kitten heels impart a classic retro look to taller females.


3. Wedges

Types of Heels - wedges, beautiful

Types of Heels - wedges

Image Courtesy: Youtube

We are dead sure that every shoe lover in the world must have atleast one pair of wedges in their closet. They are relatively comfortable to wear and their heels are wider than pumps.


4. Stilettos 

Types of Heels - Stilettos

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Types of Heels - Stilettos

Image Courtesy: DailyMail

Silhouettes have an effortless ability to transform you into an elegant goddess. They are sleek and petite, best worn for high-end functions.


5. High-heeled Boots

Types of Heels - high-heeled boots

Let’s make some noise for the boot lovers here!! Boots, sigh. Whoever created them was a messiah to us females. They make you look so cool and laid-back, radiating that “I don’t care about anyone else’s business” vibes!


6. Peep-toes

Types of Heels - Peep Toes

Image Courtesy: YourNextShoes

Types of Heels - Peep Toes

Peep-toes are essentially any type of heels that have an opening for the toes to get exposed. They are best paired with an evening dress or leggings with a cute tunic on top!


7. Nude 

Types of Heels - Nude Heels and Nude Pumps

When in doubt, go nude! Right from makeup, clothes and even footwear, nude colors are totally ruling the fashion roost at the moment. They can help elongate your legs and make your outfit appear brighter. Best worn at indoor parties.


8. Sport Shoes with Heels

Types of Heels - Sporty EdgeTypes of Heels - Athleisure

Who said sports cannot get anymore fashionable? A respite for all the short ladies out there, the idea of combining sport shoes with high heels may not be practicalfor actual sport purposes, but they sure come in handy while turning heads around in appreciation.


9. Evening Sandals

Types of Heels - Evening Sandals

Evening sandals are the most elegant and intricate of this list. This type is adorned with glitters and other feminine motifs, making you look extremely sophisticated. They come in many designs, though the length of their heels aren’t too much. Best worn exclusively at weddings or cocktail parties and are the perfect types of footwear to wear with saree.


10. Strappy 

Types of Heels - Strappy Heels

Types of Heels - Strappy Heels

Strappy heels add dollops of oomph to your outfit and make you look smokin’ hot! You can wear them with skinny jeans or a short dress to make hearts skip a beat!


Now that you are well-versed with the must-have heels in your wardrobe, you should not wait any longer to get your hands on the finest of them!

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