23 Young Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Indians are getting increasingly style-conscious and fashion-conscious. Wearing fantastic outfits every day is something most people aspire to for. Driven by the force of urbanization and consumer revolution, young designers in India are now creating new, progressive and daring styles allowing them to indulge in experimental styling and silhouettes. We have listed out 23 New Age Young Indian Fashion Designers that are on our watch this year! These designers have not only set up their own successful labels, but have carved a niche for themselves in the fashion industry. Check out the new generation of Indian fashion designers who are making waves in the fashion world with their creations.


Devika Srimal

Devika Srimal - Kanabis - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Kanabis

Fuqua School of Business graduate, Devika’s success in her animal friendly line, Kanabis has given us a reason to look forward to buying fashion that has an underlying motive behind it. Crafted from canvas and hemp, and sewed to perfection every Kanabis product has a story to tell. Compassion for animals remains a core value at Kanabis as well as for Devika. For the year 2K16, Devika is looking forward to new opportunities and growing her brand’s online & offline visibility with an aim at launching new line of high quality, fashionable and PETA approved vegan shoes. #lovekanabis


Richana Khumanthem

Richana Khumanthem - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Khumanthem

Richana’s Khumanthem was established in the year 2014, aiming at the luxury end of the market. Richana believes in the individualism and being different and that every single human is different and it is this difference that inspires the brand Khumanthem. Every Khumanthem piece is hand-woven and strictly adheres to “No to Plastic” policy. The brand has the advantage of being a pioneer in introducing the beautiful handloom heritage into fashion which is still in its nascent stage when compared to other textiles. The beautiful ancient culture of the North-East, and the indigenous handloom & handicraft of the woman folk of Manipur is the backbone of the brand.


Smriti Dubey & Shikhar Vaidhya

Smriti Dubey & Shikhar Vaidhya - Label SINS - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: SINS (Synonym of Indian Style)

Inspired from the kitsch and pop Indian designs, Smriti & Shikar went on to create “wearable art” that was once solely focussed on lifestyle products. The whole concept of creating a unique identity for Indian design and innovation scene made them name their label as Synonym of Indian Style. In the year 2016, Smriti Dubey and Shikhar Vaidhya are looking forward to massive expansion by integrating 300+ designers with 3000+ designs every month. The exciting opportunity to transform the way design and innovation is perceived in India is the focal driving force behind SINS. They firmly believe in the fact that in coming years, India will see a whole lot of drive towards micro-entrepreneurship that will let designers and artists make a difference at their own scale.


Priyanshi Mehta

Priyanshi Mehta - Label Rossoyuki - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Rossoyuki

Luxury, opulence and magnificence is what Rossoyuki stands for. Priyanshi’s line of bags is as unique as the label name itself. “Rosso” stands for red in Spanish whilst “Yuki” stands for snowflake in Japanese. It symbolizes the continuous shower of eclectic yet classic designs created by Priyanshi. The glamorous Rossoyuki pieces possess an innate ability to bring out the poise and grace of the individual personality in an effortless fashion. Gutermann thread work, finest micro beads procured from Japan and Swarovski crystals along with meticulous finish goes into making every product.


Vriksh Verma

Vriksh Verma - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Vriksh Verma

Vriksh Verma is adding another dimension to his love for design through the launch of his eponymous label of handbags and accessories. The self-trained designer combines his love for the handcrafted and the industrial through his pieces that are detailed in surface textures, but sleek and structured in form. A self-confessed nature lover, Vriksh draws inspiration from flora and fauna. The collection speaks of oriental gardens and exotic animals, which come alive as embroidery motifs, weaves and colours. High quality materials and superior finishes create products that should take a position of pride in the wardrobe.


Astha Sethi & Sidharth Arora

Astha Sethi & Sidharth Arora - Label ANS by Astha & Sidharth - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

 Label: ANS

Astha Sethi & Sidharth Arora are two creative beings with strong aesthetics and that is how they both gathered together to form ANS which stands for their initials. Their work is a conversation about the present transitional nature of India which also highlights their forte in adding a twist for the banality of craft, intentionally breaking the stereotypes and creating distinctiveness. These two graduates from Pearl Academy of Arts started ANS in the year 2011 and since then have been creating clothing for women who believe that appearance is the reflection of their soul.


Anshul Tyagi & Shreya Bhan

Anshul Tyagi & Shreya Bhan - Label Etre - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!Label: Etre

Having studied together, Shreya and Anshul both knew they would end up working together and it happened much sooner than they expected it would. Etre was launched after Anshul finished his education at London School of Fashion and Shreya brought in her 3 years of experience at leather industry to it. For the year 2016, the duo are aiming at diversifying their product line and experimenting more with embroideries. They are hoping to create a collection that will be celebrating the art by various artisans pan India.


Amrit Kaur

Amrit Kaur - Label ANK by Amrit Kaur - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: ANK

For Amrit Kaur, her label ANK’s perfect muse is Maleficent who is fierce and epitomises mystery and elegance. Each of these characters are portrayed within her collection in some or the other element. During her stint at Pear Academy of Fashion, Amrit realized she wanted to be an entrepreneur and that’s how ANK came into existence. For the year 2016, Amrit is looking forward to breaking fashion barriers and wants ANK to become a household name.


Anandita & Anahita Ahuja

Anandita Ahuja - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Anandita

Ahuja sisters jointly formed Anandita, a line of designer clutches and accessories. The creations are a blend of culture with a perfect balance of modern interpretation catering to the modern empowered women of today. The line has ingenuity in design highlighted with a vivid colour palette. Visually engaging motifs and bright colours are cornerstones of Anandita’s designs. For 2016, the duo are looking forward to working on more intricate pieces with a couple of detailed collections.


Pritam Saha

Pritam Saha - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: PRITaM

PRITaM is all about extravagant intimacy, handmade in India with love. Pritam believes that the modern day independent Indian woman, in love with what they do and who they are with a romantic side to herself is the perfect muse for his label. For the year 2016, Pritam is coming up with 4 new collections and is currently working on his Summer line. His current collection would be focussed on ethnic juxtaposition with experimentation in folklore motifs. NID graduate, Pritam was introduced to the world of fashion through is college and into the exciting world of Design, Textiles and Apparel.


Devika Bharadwaj

Devika Bharadwaj - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Devika Bharadwaj

Devika’s label Devika Bharadwaj is inspired in bringing international trends and quality to the Indian audience along with a design that is fresh and wearable. She aims at designing elegant, handcrafted leather shoes to the Indian shoe lover. For year 2016, Devika has lined up a new collection that will see indigenous kolhapuri chappals mixed with modern styles. And aiming at current trends, she is sure to add some slip-ons in her new collection. Her love and obsession for footwear led to launch of her eponymous label. It all started back in college wherein she used to paint shoes for her friends and then snowballed into a venture where she was painting sneakers for others. She was thrilled with the idea of venturing into designing footwear and thus led to launch of her handcrafted footwear label.


Vishala Shree

Vishala Shree - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!Label: Vishala Shree

As a designer Vishala always wished to do something where she could explore her ideas and imaginative skills. In April of 2015, she got her first collection showcased at India Runway Week which garnered great response and appreciation and that is how she launched her label. As of now she’s solely focussed on denim fabric and working on fine detailing of denim in terms of washes and embellishments and most of her designs are fusion of Indian and feminine silhouette with masculine and global fabric. It’s her belief that there is an order in every disorder, harmony in every chaos, construction in every deconstruction and even in every odd.


Kaveri SharmaKaveri Sharma - Label - Red Sister Blue - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!Label: Red Sister Blue

It’s no mystery that the world has woken up to Indian Fashion – the colours and the artistry combined with the delicately woven fabrics. Red Sister Blue aims at merging of the traditional with a renewed sense of pride. A brand born with a vision to see Khadi as part of the urban culture, part of the jeans clad generation urbanites’ style. Red Sister Blue is about the sisterhood, its about the girls in shorts on bikes. Its about daring to be sexy. And all of this is possible with a strong team formed by Kaveri Sharma along with Nanda Yadav and Michael Grobe. Having graduated with Honours in Fashion Design from the Pearl Academy, Kaveri spent her time in Europe – mecca of fashion learning the intricacies of fashion media business, brand management. Her approach is simplistic yet contemporary when it comes to understanding the fashion needs of cross cultural individuals.


Tasneem Ghadiyali & Fatema Lakdawala

Label Bomono - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: BoMono

This duo created the label BoMono which celebrates Indian beauty and craftsmanship in a global luxury manner. For Tasneem & Fatema, BoMono is all about creating the best fashion in a traditional yet with a hint of modern Bohemian feel. A BoMono muse is a woman who is individualistic and free spirited. Graduates of Raheja School of Art, Tasneem and Fatema are undaunted to experiment with fierce prints, embroideries and vibrant colours which is very positively reflected on their work.


Sindhu Reddy

Sindhu Reddy - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Sindhu Reddy

Sindhu Reddy’s taste for celebrated designs gives her garments its very own uniqueness and artistic individuality. Her apparels are inspired from India’s rich tapestry of textiles with a focus on ethnic wear because she believes that a traditional spark to attires are always a beauty to admire. This comes with an added hint of Western fusion to maintain an optimum balance between traditional and contemporary. She also brings a collaboration of rare colour combinations and edgy designs that are well reflected in her designs. A NIFT graduate, Sindhu is looking forward to launching her new floral collection, inspired from the rich flora that surrounds us.


Shweta Nimkar

Shweta Nimkar - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Paio

If Shweta were to be defined in one word then it would be “impulsive”. Her fascination for shoes is what led to several thousands of shoe designs during her college years and finally to launching her label Paio. Paio’s inspiration lies in everyday life, taking something simple and building on daily life experiences. Shweta’s dream is to create. Create something unique, fabulous and worth remembering. Paio stands for “pair of shoes” in Italian. Each shoe is specially crafted, moulded and cushioned to give utmost comfort and stability. In the year 2016, Shweta is looking forward to launching her new collection with some unique designs.


Tanvi Gandhi

Tanvi Gandhi - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!Label: Sugar Mint

Every creation at Sugar Mint is individually designed by Tanvi Gandhi and hand crafted by skilled craftsmen. Sugar Mint is a label with fun and fashionable collection. Her exquisite handcrafted bags speak high volumes of the blissful blend of Indian’esque elements such as Ikat along with westernized chevron and dotted prints. Tanvi’s eye for upscale yet sensible designs is what makes Sugar Mint bags a must have for every closet.


Sakina Amin

Sakina Amin - Label Sugarlips - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Sugarlips by Sakina Amin

Sakina launched her label Sugarlips by Sakina Amin with an aim of recreating the magic of dressing for every occasion and celebrate being a woman. Sakina considers a self-determining woman who is sophisticated, elegant and embraces femininity in fashion as the perfect muse for her label. Her designs speak high volume of cultural amalgamation, drapes and origami combined with floral geometrics.


Shravya Varma

Shravya Varma - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Shravya Varma

Shravya Varma was just 17 when she entered into the field of fashion. Shravya believes in ART APPAREL. For her, her label is not just her profession, she started designing as a hobby and till dates holds the title for youngest designer from Hyderabad. Her Label speaks high volumes of Indian silhouettes with a unique sense of style and elegance. The use of opulent Indian craftsmanship with an amazing blend of vibrant colours adds to the unabashed glamour of the silhouettes.


Nitya Surekha, Nitesh Kumar, Ashna Lal

Nitesh Kumar, Nitya Surekha and Ashna Lal - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Tritiya Designs

These three NIFT graduates are the queens and king of ethnic couture. Nitya, Nitesh and Ashna formed Tritiya designs. They specialize in heavy ethnic wear and bridal couture. Based out of Hyderabad city, the line specifically deals with heavy embroidery, fine embellishments, floral prints which are not to be missed out for anything!


Abhishek Sher

Abhishek Sher - Label Abhilasha and Abhishek - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Abhilasha & Abhishek

What more can be said about Abhishek Sher! Abhilasha and Abhishek is one of those elegant brands based out of Delhi that reflects silhouettes with chic designs and understated elegance. Their Label’s design philosophy is simple and wearable for the refined women of today.


Simin Lakhani

Simin Lakhani - New Age Indian Fashion Designers to Watch Out for!

Label: Vivacious in Vogue

Vivacious in Vogue is the brainchild of Simin Lakhani. A fashion blogger, designer and stylist, Simin has multiple talents to add to her bag! Vivacious in Vogue is a clothing brand for women who want to break through the clutter of fashion stereotypes and dress to express themselves. Simin truly believes in the creation of unique styles that expresses the core of who you are!


Deepika Tanwar

Deepika Tanwar - Label Crazi Darzi

Label: Crazi Darzi

For Deepika Tanwar, it all started off when she was around three years old when she used to pick out stuff from her mum’s cupboard to dress up! In her teenage years, she found solace in fashion. ‘Fashion’ was pre-destined for her, but she dismissed it as a personal quirk and stayed away from any formal training. Her love for travel, diversity and exploring new cultures made her look at fashion in a whole new way. “You don’t need expensive clothes to make a statement. A brandless T-shirt with the right cut/style could be uniquely fashionable.” This thought propelled me to start my own clothing and accessories label called ‘Crazi Darzi’. True to its name, the clothes are – edgy, electric, fun, boho, Avante-garde, quirky and progressive. Crazi Darzi is a sprinkle of hippie and a dollop of /Fun fashion. All apparel are made with love, made for all those who want to break free from the shackles of society, for the independent woman, for the shy and confident, for the innocent and the adventurous, for the experimenter and the follower, for woman of tomorrow and your average girl next door. The clothes speak! Not a vocabulary understood by your average fashion police. They speak a universal language understood by the ones who slip on a Crazi Darzi garment.

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