Must Have : 6 Types of Sarees with a Contemporary Twist

Indian women have worn saree since ages immemorial. However, this long piece of fabric is manipulated and draped in a unique way to resemble different types of sarees. Let us talk about some of the latest designer saree types in the modern world. The modern world which demands modernity has replaced and introduced several variants in sarees.  Yes, of course the saree remains the same the draping style imparts it a new and innovative look. Interestingly, every Indian women has wrapped a saree and the fashion isn’t obsolete with Bollywood divas swinging their pallu in Bollywood movies.  So, hurry up to get updated with the new types of sarees!


1. Belted Sarees : Next on the list are Belted sarees. Yeah, it goes by the name. Just add a belt or a kamar bandh to give your saree a funky look. It was fascinating and is hot on the meter. It is draped on various events by Bollywood divas all the time. Here are some celebs supporting the same!
Types of Sarees - Saree with broad belt

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Belted Sarees

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2. Dhoti Style Sarees : Next comes the trending dhoti style saree and the pant style saree. Newest in fashion and easy to wrap. Yes, it will surprise you with its unique pant style. The style go is petticoat replaced by a pant. Yeah, it’s modernizing the traditional saree and here view this one worn by Sonam. Variants in this include coupling saree with leggings, jeans, pallazo, dhoti and even a tunic. Ladies to be updated with the latest fashion just release yourself on. Go bold with shirts in place of blouse. Even coats and all types of shrugs will do it! So, remix and try a veteran look!
Types of Sarees - Dhoti Style Saree

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Anamika Khanna Dhoti Style Saree

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The Jeans Saree4

Drape Saree

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Drape Sarees


3. Lehenga Sarees : Next is the commonest of all the sarees is the lehenga saree. It is still really trending and is draped by almost all celebs on different occasions. It takes lesser time to drape when compared with the traditional one. Just drape a pallu on a lehenga lower and you are done to look like a goddess! Check out Madhuri Dixit!
Types of Sarees - Lehenga Sarees

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Lehenga sarees

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4. Toga Style Saree : Another saree which is admired by many women is the Toga style saree. This is confusing from the name, isn’t it? Don’t worry! Here, you give the look of toga. We have no pallu, instead it is pinned to give it the look of a toga, amazing isn’t it? Check out this Malini Ramani toga style saree on Shilpa Shetty! We love it!
Types of Sarees - Shilpa Shetty in Malini Ramani One Shoulder Toga Style Saree

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5. Saree Gowns : How can we forget gown sarees! These are one of the best sarees ever! Yes, as the name suggests it flows like a gown. It will definitely give you an extravagant look. Many designer sarees are available in this fashion. We saw many celebs supporting these.
Types of Sarees - Saree Gowns

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6. Dual toned Sarees or Half and Half Sarees : First lets talk about the hot selling sarees of 2015, the dual themed sarees. Yes, we just have a different pallu. The body of the saree and the pallu are of different designs. This will definitely give you a chic look. This contrast makes it unique and appealing. We spotted our favorite Deepika Padukone in a Sabyasachi dual themed saree.

Types of Sarees - Half and Half Sarees, Dual Toned Sarees

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