Sonam Kapoor stars in a ColdPlay video! Unbelievable!

Sonam Kapoor is going places! Even though it’s a blink and a miss feature, she is there! I am already loving the song. The video is out! Although the video is being criticized by our fashion/culture/tradition critics, we should actually applaud Coldplay that they found our country so appealing! Sonam Kapoor wears Mayuur Girotra multicolored lehenga and choli (although the lehenga never comes in the frame) and Amrapali jewels. I personally loved the nose piece and addition of the bandhni dupatta. Also, I wish we got to see her for a longer time. Beyonce was spotted wearing Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla in the video! Way to go, AJSK!!

Beyonce in Abu Jani Sansdeep Khosla

Beyonce in Abu Jani Sansdeep Khosla

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