Jhumka Designs to make you look Beautiful & Ethereal

Earrings, it is said, can transform a face and add an edge to it. This is indeed true for any kind of earrings and the fact that all women and even men, to be honest, across the globe simply love wearing earrings and can be seldom seen without one. Be it a small stud or a large dangling one, earrings have been adorning one and all since time immemorial. However, there are of course some basic preferences when it comes to such earrings, especially in India, since women here just love to add an ethnic side to their dressing and styling. It is, therefore, no surprise that the jhumkas are a natural choice for everyone. Large or small, these jhumkas come in every size and with beautiful jhumka designs. Again, these jhumka earrings, that have succeeded to catch the fancy of the country, can be said to be the next best thing in ethnic wear since they spell style and ethnicity without being too loud or over the top.


Why go for Jhumkas

Jhumka Designs for Weddings

These traditional earrings, that have recently become so popular all over the nation and are a hot favourite among Indian women of all age groups and from walks of life, are made further glamorous by their abundant use by the actresses in our Bollywood movies. Consequently, they are now available in all sorts of jewellery or costume stores, big or small, in all kinds of latest earring designs and make, like gold jhumka designs, silver jhumka designs, oxidised jhumkas, antique jhumkas and so on.


Jhumka designs for Brides

Jhumka Designs for Brides

Jhumka Designs for Brides

Jhumka Designs for Brides3

While the big jhumka designs are more suitable for the complete ethnic look like lehengas, sarees etc and are best for any traditional party purpose, the bridal jhumka designs are sure to catch the attention of all if you team it with your bridal lehenga on your wedding day. In fact, the big gold jhumka designs have also been taken in by those brides who but for these awesome jhumka earring designs would have gone for the plain and simple gold danglers for their marriage ceremony. Also, you can either go for heavy jhumka designs or simple light designs according to your dress or your comfort and you will look equally good in them.


The Big Gold Jhumka Designs for Weddings

Jhumka Designs for Weddings2

Jhumka Designs - Multiple Jhumki or Jhumka Drop Earrings

Jhumka Designs – Multiple Jhumki Drop Earrings

The big gold jhumka designs for weddings

The big gold jhumka designs for weddings

Now, apart from the readily available jhumkas in the market, you can also go for the customised ones with your personal jhumka designs after you have browsed through the various jhumka images that are available. Naturally, you can opt for any jhumka design of your choice like the big south Indian gold jhumka designs that are so elegant and are made of pure gold that can be paired with bright costumes.


New Age Jhumka Designs for Daily Wear and Office wear

New Jhumka Designs with spikes and tiers

New Jhumka Designs with spikes and tiers

Jhumka Designs for Daily Wear

Jhumka Designs for Daily Wear and office Wear

The best part of a jhumka is that you do not necessarily have to wear it with some heavy dresses like a saree or a lehenga but instead you can team it with you regular casual wears like long skirt, kurtis, jeans and likewise and you will look no less fetching. With the gold ones you can go for designs like some traditional jhumkas with deity images or round spiral patterns that are so Indian while with the silver ones, the tribal designs are quite popular. You can also try pearl jhumka designs which look very pretty with indian ethnic ensembles.

Jhumka Designs - Oxidised Sterling Silver Jhumkas

Jhumka Designs – Oxidised Sterling Silver Jhumkas

While the ones with light jhumki designs, preferably in silver or oxidised material, are just perfect for a regular office wear or the teenager college goers, the slightly heavy jhumka designs in gold or any other material are ideal for an evening do where you have to dress up fashionably.

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