How to wear Maang Tikka : Style Guide

Whizzing here, whooshing there, girl with a mission; she don’t care! She’ll whip up a storm, then soothe with her sighs! Today’s woman is more versatile. She is modern, full of life and a showstopper who believes in creating her style statement. And when it comes to playing up the tinseltown vibe, 2016 is time for a big change! It’s time to sparkle and shine with ever-trending Maang tikas. With the world keeping a close track on the growing fashion trends, our gorgeous girls put their best foot forward in keeping up with the trends. Jewelry has always been an essential part of our look. It must be part of our personality and not something that takes away from us. And maang tikka totally fits in; a jewelry item that compliments both your western and ethnic attires, lending you freedom to team it up the way you like.

Enigmatic, Majestic, Enchanting! You just need to add a regal touch of maang tikkas to complete your look. In the movies, on red carpets, and during their wedding functions and most important wedding day, we’ve seen bollywood beauties sporting the trend of maang-tikkas and it’s just getting trendier with each season…

How to wear Maang Tikka Bollywood Style

How to wear Maang Tikka Bollywood Celebrity Style

How to wear Maang Tikka Bollywood Celebrity Weddings Style

How to wear Maang Tikka - Bollywood Celebrity Brides Style

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So let’s roll down the line of gorgeous and trendy maang-tikkas to know their types, and read some tips on how to wear maang tikka like a pro-fashionista!!!

  • Traditional South Indian Style Gold Maang Tikka

The Traditional kanjivaram sarees paired with traditional gold maang tikka make a beautiful South Indian Bride <3 Beauty truly lies in tradition and simplicity!

South Indian Style Traditional Gold Maang Tikka

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  • Vintage Vanguard – Flower Maang Tikkas

These flower maang tikkas are a recent rage with brides. They are all set to create contemporary magic to your look. This look is perfect for you mehendi and sangeet functions. Read more on what to wear for mehendi function!

How to wear Maang Tikka - Flower Maang Tikka

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  • Bling thing – Multiple Chains and Layered Maang Tikkas

Multiple chains accentuating the look of your forehead, allow for a simpler hairdo. Jeweled chain forms are the trendy maang-tikkas.

How to wear Maang Tikka

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These maang tikkas will gel well even with your formal looks. Unique accessories are beautifully embellished.

How to wear Maang Tikka - Maang Tikka Designs

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This piece surrounding your face lets you hog the limelight as it draws sparkle and attention to you!

How to wear Maang Tikka

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Draping style of tikkas adds timeless elegance to your look. The one that Kangana is wearing is made with pachchikam jewelry from the 16th century. Vintage Elegance totally personified as the center tikka connects to heavily accessorized chains!

How to wear Maang Tikka - Maang Tikka Style

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  • Splendorous Thing – The Chand Tikka or Chand Maang Tikka

Chand tikka being the common motif of Indian jewelry is simple yet classy. Deepika Padukone looks ethereal in chand tikka which is beautified by kundan-like jewels and dangling pearls.

Chand Maang Tikka

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  • Eclectic Extravagance – Tiara Maang Tikka or Headband Maang Tikka

Tiara tikka or a headband tikka, scream ‘royal’! If you wish to go modern with a touch of traditions then wear your tikkas like a tiara or a headband.

How to wear Maang TikkaHow to wear Maang Tikkamaang tikka designs

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  • Simplistic Ideas – Simple Maang Tikkas

This noticeably vibrant accessory is simple and makes you look exceptionally elegant and fashionable.

Simple Maang Tikka Designs

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Experiment with as many hairstyles as possible and you will get a happening look each time. There are a lot of beautiful and intricate designs of maang tikkas, which have been the timeless classics and they have a real knack of nailing every bit of your overall look.


  • Side Maang Tikkas or Jhoomers

We love the side-swept style by Nargis Fakhri! ‘Nawabi style’ half matha patti falling on side of the forehead is amongst the hottest style.

Side Maang Tikka Designs

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Traditional Jhoomer Maang Tikka

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  • The Modern take on Maang Tikkas

Here are some modern takes on maang tikkas that we absolutely adore. P.S. These are designed by Suhani Pittie

Modern Take on Maang Tikka

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  • The Right Hair-Do for wearing Maang Tikkas

If we are talking about hair then I must tell you that maang tikkas are difficult to handle with freshly washed hair.

maang tikka designs

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Priyanka Chopra‘s curly affair: Maang tikkas best suit the ones with loose wavy or curly hair.

how to wear a maang tikka with curly hair

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We spotted Deepika Padukone with a maang-tikka and a semi-updo.

Deepika Padukone Style Maang Tikka

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Kangana Ranaut nailed the Maang Tikka look with a bun

kangna ranaut style maang tikka

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Deep side bangs across the forehead and the jewel dangling just below- ooh-la-la! This modern version of maang-tikka look with delightful hint of asymmetry is perfecto!
how to wear maang tikkahow to wear a maang tikka with bangs

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  • There is a Maang Tikka for Everyone

The best thing about maang-tikkas is that they come in all shapes, sizes, cuts and designs to suit every face shape. It is very important to match your maang-tikka to your ensemble and your hairstyle but it is even more important to match it to the proportions of your face!

Maang Tikkas for Oval Face: The most versatile and proportionate face shape must not be covered with heavy maang tikkas. P.S Pendant style maang tikkas have a whole wide variety of designs in it and gels well with all the face shapes.

maang tikka designs for oval face

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Maang Tikkas for Round Face: Girls with round face or broad foreheads can carry oversized maang-tikkas with grace. You must add length to your maang-tikka but keep it away from detailing.

maang tikka designs for round face

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Maang Tikkas for Square Face: Wear maang-tikkas on the side of forehead for asymmetric look and to be highly noticeable. To soften the jaw line, wear your maang-tikkas after parting your hair.

Anushka Sharma Style Maang Tikka

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Maang Tikkas for Diamond Shape: Simple maang-tikkas with eclectic twist will best suit the oblong face shapes.

maang tikka designs

Maang Tikkas for Heart-shape: Multilayer maang-tikka is flattering as it highlights the gorgeous jawline. Braiding or adding volume with a puff will give you the perfect feminine look. P.S. Western attire and she’s still nailing the maang-tikka. All you need is creativity, patience and eagerness to get used to this trending trend!

Deepika Padukone Maang Tikka

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It’s not just about mindless decadence anymore. Versatility and sophistication are the key to nailing that look. And bedazzling maang-tikkas solve every bit of that purpose. Icing on the cake is: these tikkas at your temple also protects you from the bad energy. I wouldn’t want any other reason ‘coz I’ve had enough: goes with every outfit, with every hairstyle, comes in variety of designs, cuts and colors, and protects me from the bad. I’m going for my purchase, what about you?

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